Hoorn Islands

Hoorn Islands

The Hoorn Islands (also Futuna Islands) are one of the two island groups of which the French overseas collectivity ("collectivité d'outre-mer", or "COM") of Wallis and Futuna is geographically composed. The aggregate area is 115 km², and the population 4873 (census of 2003).

Geographically, there are two islands:

*Futuna Island (in the northwest) (83 km², pop. 4871)
*Alofi Island (in the southeast) (32 km², pop. 2)

Administratively, the Hoorn Islands encompass two of the three royal chiefdoms of Wallis and Futuna:
*Tu`a (Alo): eastern part of Futuna Island, and Alofi Island (area 85 km², pop. 2993)
*Sigave (Singave): western third of Futuna Island (area 30 km², pop. 1880)

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