Slash may refer to:


* Slash (musician) (born Saul Hudson in 1965), a Velvet Revolver guitarist and former Guns N' Roses guitarist
** "Slash" (autobiography), a book written by Slash with Anthony Bozza
* Nash the Slash, a Canadian progressive rock musician with a mysterious identity
* Slash (fanzine), a punk rock fanzine founded in 1977
* Slash notation, a form of music notation
* Slash Records, a punk record label
* Slash chord, in popular music


* Kordell "Slash" Stewart, an NFL quarterback
* Slash (wrestler), a professional wrestler
* Slashing (ice hockey), a penalty in ice hockey where a player swings his stick at another


* Slash (punctuation), the "/" punctuation character, also used in computing.
* Slash fiction, a genre of fan fiction dealing with homosexual relationships or sexual encounters
* Slash (logging), woody debris generated by timber harvesting
* Slash Pine, a tree native to the southeast United States
* Slash (weblog system), the weblogging software which powers the Slashdot website
* Slash (comics), a character in the Marvel Comics Universe
* Slash and burn, an agricultural procedure
* Slash'EM, a variant of the computer game NetHack
* Feynman slash notation, of quantum field theory
* Slash rating, a US National Electrical Code circuit interrupt hardware qualifier
* A slang term for urination

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