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Paegam is a "kun", or county, in Ryanggang province, North Korea. The terrain is mountainous, as Paegam lies atop the Paektu Plateau, site of Korea's highest mountains. The Hamgyong and Machonryong ranges pass through the county; the highest point is Kwesangbong. There are many streams; the chief of these is the Sodusu (서두수). There are also wetlands. Due to its inland location, the county has a severely cold continental climate. Paegam also has the highest windspeeds of any district in North Korea. Some 91% of the county's area is forestland.

Mining and logging are important local industries. Mineral resources in the county include magnesite, alunite, kaolinite, copper, dolomite, tungsten, lead, zinc, gold, and peat. Agriculture also plays a role, although only 4% of the county's land is cultivated. Local crops include wheat, barley, potatoes, and soybeans. Livestock are also raised.

Paegam is connected to the national road and rail grids. Railroads serving the county include the Paektu-Chongnyon Line and the Paekmu Line.

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