Port (disambiguation)

Port (disambiguation)


A port is a facility for receiving ships and transferring cargo.

Port or ports may also refer to:


  • Port (nautical), a nautical term meaning the left hand side of a vessel for an observer facing forward
  • Port of entry, a facility for passengers, vehicles and goods to clear immigration and customs procedures
  • Airport, a facility for transporting passengers and/or cargo via aircraft
  • Spaceport, a facility for transporting passengers and/or cargo to space


  • Computer port (hardware), a physical interface between a computer and other computers or devices
  • Computer port (software), a virtual data connection between computer programs possibly through a computer network
  • Porting, the process of modifying software so as to make it compatible with other operating system and/or hardware architectures
  • Ports collection, part of the package management infrastructure of modern BSD-derived operating systems
  • Port numbers which are recognized by Internet and other network protocols, enabling the computer to interact with others
  • PORT.hu, a Hungarian film, actor, television, sports, and theatre database



  • Port (medical), a small medical appliance installed in the body
  • PORT Score, a tool for predicting risk of death from pneumonia


Other uses

  • Port wine, a fortified wine originally from Portugal
  • Porting (engine), modification of the shape and size of the engine's ports to enhance aerodynamic flow
  • Ported barrel, a gun barrel with holes drilled into it that are designed to reduce the tendency of the firearm to flip upwards
  • Two-port network, a pair of terminals with equal and opposite current flows
  • Bass reflex, aka Reflex port or Ported system, a system to increase loudspeaker efficiency

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