Nobel Prize laureates by secondary school affiliation

Nobel Prize laureates by secondary school affiliation

The following is a list of Nobel Prize laureates by secondary school affiliation. To be listed, a high school must have at least one Nobel Prize laureate among its alumni.

[Note: this list is very incomplete, especially for the many high schools that have one alumnus or alumna who is a Nobel Prize winner.]

Affiliations School Laureate Field Year of Award Class of University
7 Bronx High School of Science,
Bronx, New York City, NY
Leon N. Cooper[citation needed] Physics 1972 1947 Brown University
Sheldon Glashow[1] Physics 1979 1950 Columbia University
Steven Weinberg[citation needed] Physics 1979 1950 Cornell University
Melvin Schwartz[2] Physics 1988 1949 Columbia University
Russell Hulse[3] Physics 1993 1966 Princeton University
H. David Politzer[citation needed] Physics 2004 1966 California Institute of Technology
Roy Glauber[4] Physics 2005 1941 Harvard University
4 Stuyvesant High School,
Manhattan, New York City, NY
Joshua Lederberg[5] Medicine 1958 1941 Rockefeller University
Roald Hoffmann[6] Chemistry 1981 1954 Cornell University
Robert Fogel[7] Economics 1993 1944 Cornell University
Richard Axel[8] Medicine 2004 1963 Columbia University
4 James Madison High School
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
Stanley Cohen[citation needed] Medicine 1986 1939 Vanderbilt University
Robert Solow[citation needed] Economics 1987 1940 MIT
Martin Perl Physics 1995 1943 University of Michigan
Gary Becker[citation needed] Economics 1992 1947 University of Chicago
3 Westminster School,
London, England
Edgar Adrian[citation needed] Medicine 1932 University of Cambridge
Andrew Huxley[citation needed] Medicine 1963 University of Cambridge
Richard Stone[citation needed] Economics 1984 University of Cambridge
3 Harrow School,
London, England
John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh[citation needed] Physics 1904 ? University of Cambridge
John Galsworthy[citation needed] Literature 1932 ? Novelist
Winston Spencer Churchill[citation needed] Literature 1953 1893 Sandhurst
3 Abraham Lincoln High School,
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
Arthur Kornberg[citation needed] Medicine 1959 1933 Stanford University
Paul Berg[citation needed] Chemistry 1980 1943 Stanford University
Jerome Karle[citation needed] Chemistry 1985 1933 City College of New York
3 Townsend Harris High School
Queens, New York City, NY
Herbert Hauptman[citation needed] Chemistry 1985 1933 City College of New York
Julian Schwinger[citation needed] Physics 1965 1933 City College of New York
Kenneth Arrow[citation needed] Economics 1972 1936 City College of New York
3 Far Rockaway High School
Queens, New York City, NY
Richard Feynman[citation needed] Physics 1965 1935 California Institute of Technology
Baruch Blumberg[citation needed] Medicine 1976 1942 University of Pennsylvania
Burton Richter[citation needed] Physics 1976 1948 Stanford University
3 Phillips Academy
Andover, MA
George Hoyt Whipple[citation needed] Medicine 1933 1900 University of Rochester
William Vickrey[citation needed] Economics 1996 ? Columbia University
William S. Knowles[citation needed] Chemistry 2001 1935 Monsanto Company
3 St. Peter's College,
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
William Lawrence Bragg[9] Physics 1915 1903 University of Adelaide
Howard Walter Florey[10] Medicine 1945 1916 The Queen's College, Oxford
J. Robin Warren[11] Medicine 2005 ? University of Adelaide
3 University Laboratory High School,
Urbana, Illinois
Philip W. Anderson[citation needed] Physics 1977 1940 Harvard University
Hamilton O. Smith[citation needed] Medicine 1978 1948 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
James Tobin[citation needed] Economics 1981 1935 Harvard University
2 King Edward's School,
Birmingham, England
Maurice Wilkins Medicine 1962 ? University of Birmingham
Sir John Vane Medicine 1982 ? University of Birmingham
2 Brooklyn Technical High School,
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
Arno Penzias[citation needed] Physics 1978 1947 City College of New York
George Wald[citation needed] Biology 1987 1922 Harvard University
2 Erasmus Hall High School,
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
Barbara McClintock[12] Medicine or Physiology 1983 1919 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Eric Kandel[13] Medicine or Physiology 2000 1944 Columbia University
2 Walton High School,
Bronx, New York City, NY
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow Medicine and Physiology 1977 ? Bronx VA Hospital
Gertrude Elion Medicine and Physiology 1988 1933 Duke University
2 Döblinger Gymnasium,
Vienna, Austria
Wolfgang Pauli Physics 1945 1918 ETH Zurich
Richard Kuhn Chemistry 1938 1918 Heidelberg University
2 Hebrew University Secondary School,
Jerusalem, Israel
Daniel Kahneman[citation needed] Economics 2002 1951 Princeton University
David Gross[citation needed] Physics 2004 1959 University of California, Santa Barbara
2 Malvern College,
Malvern, England
Francis Aston[citation needed] Chemistry 1922 University of Cambridge
James Meade[citation needed] Economic Sciences 1977 University of Oxford
2 Niles East High School,
Skokie, Illinois
H. Robert Horvitz[citation needed] Medicine or Physiology 2002 1964 MIT
Martin Chalfie[citation needed] Chemistry 2008 1965 Columbia University
2 The Perse School,
Cambridge, England
George Paget Thomson[citation needed] Physics 1937 ? University of Cambridge
Ronald G. W. Norrish[citation needed] Chemistry 1967 ? University of Cambridge
2 St Columb's College,
Derry, Northern Ireland, UK
Seamus Heaney[citation needed] Literature 1995 1957 Queen's University of Belfast
John Hume[citation needed] Peace 1998 1955 St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland
2 University of Toronto Schools
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
John Charles Polanyi[citation needed] Chemistry 1986 ? University of Toronto
Michael Spence[citation needed] Economics 2001 ? Harvard University
1 St. Joseph's College,
Hong Kong
Charles K. Kao[14] Physics 2009 1952 University College London
Woolwich Polytechnic
1 Baltimore City College,
Baltimore, MD
Martin Rodbell[15] Physiology or Medicine 1994 1943 Johns Hopkins University
University of Washington
1 Bristol Grammar School,
Bristol, England
John Pople[16] Chemistry 1998 1944 University of Cambridge
1 Fairfax High School,
Fairfax, Virginia
Craig Mello[citation needed] Physiology or Medicine 2006 1978 University of Massachusetts Medical School
1 The Geelong College,
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Frank Macfarlane Burnet[17] Medicine 1960 ? University of Melbourne
University of London
1 Indooroopilly State High School,
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Peter Doherty[citation needed] Medicine 1996 ? University of Queensland
University of Edinburgh
1 Melbourne High School,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
John Carew Eccles[citation needed] Medicine 1963 ? University of Melbourne
University of Oxford
1 Newman College,
Perth, Western Australia
Barry Marshall[citation needed] Medicine 2005 ? University of Western Australia
1 Robert College,
Istanbul, Turkey
Orhan Pamuk[18] Literature 2006 1970 Istanbul University
1 Colegio Saint Francis,
San José, Costa Rica
Oscar Arias Sanchez[citation needed] Peace 1987 1957 Universidad de Costa Rica
1 Sydney Boys High School,
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
John Cornforth[citation needed] Chemistry 1975 ? University of Sydney
University of Oxford
1 Cleveland Heights High School,
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Donald A. Glaser Physics 1960 1944 Case Western Reserve University
1 Monrovia High School,
Monrovia, California
Thomas J. Sargent[19] Economics 2011 1961 University of California, Berkeley
Harvard University
1 Jordan High School,
Los Angeles, California
Glenn T. Seaborg[20] Physics 1951 1929 University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
1 Garden City High School,
Garden City, New York
Steven Chu[21] Physics 1997 1966 University of Rochester
University of California, Berkeley
1 Greenwich High School,
Greenwich, Connecticut
Christopher A. Sims[22] Economics 2011 1959 Harvard University
University of California, Berkeley
1 Punahou School,
Honolulu, Hawaii
Barack Obama Peace 2009 1979 Columbia University
Harvard Law School
1 Plains High School,
Plains, Georgia
Jimmy Carter Peace 2002 1941 United States Naval Academy
1 Germantown Friends School,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Saul Perlmutter[23] Physics 2011 1977 Harvard University
University of California, Berkeley
1 Watchung Hills Regional High School,
Warren Township, New Jersey
Adam Riess[24] Physics 2011 1988 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
1 Bartlett High School,
Anchorage, Alaska
Brian Schmidt[25] Physics 2011 1985 University of Arizona
Harvard University

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