RIS (file format)

RIS (file format)

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RIS is a standardized tag format developed by Research Information Systems, Incorporated (the format name refers to the company) to enable citation programs to exchange data. [The origin of the name RIS was obtained via email from Henry Johnson, a Customer Technical Representative at Scientific Thomson Reuters. Research Information Systems was owned by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). RIS, the creators of Reference Manager and ProCite, merged with Niles software, the creators of EndNote. The result of the merger was the creation of ISI ResearchSoft, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters, which produces Reference Manager, EndNote and ProCite. Email date 7/3/08.]

The RIS file format -- two letters, two spaces and a dash -- is a tagged format for expressing bibliographic citations. It is supported by a number of reference managers. Many digital libraries, like IEEE Xplore, Scopus, the ACM Portal, and SpringerLink, can export citations in this format.

Example record

This is an example of how the article "Claude E. Shannon. A mathematical theory of communication. "Bell System Technical Journal", 27:379–423, July 1948" would be expressed in the RIS file format:

TY - JOURAU - Shannon,Claude E.PY - 1948/07//TI - A Mathematical Theory of CommunicationJO - Bell System Technical JournalSP - 379EP - 423VL - 27ER -


Excerpt of main RIS tags. Except for TY and ER, order of tags is free.

TY - Type of reference (must be the first tag)ID - Reference ID (not imported to reference software)T1 - Primary titleTI - Book titleCT - Title of unpublished referenceA1 - Primary authorA2 - Secondary author (each name on separate line)AU - Author (syntax. Last name, First name, Suffix)Y1 - Primary datePY - Publication year (YYYY/MM/DD)N1 - Notes KW - Keywords (each keyword must be on separate line preceded KW -)RP - Reprint status (IN FILE, NOT IN FILE, ON REQUEST (MM/DD/YY))SP - Start page numberEP - Ending page numberJF - Periodical full nameJO - Periodical standard abbreviationJA - Periodical in which article was publishedJ1 - Periodical name - User abbreviation 1J2 - Periodical name - User abbreviation 2VL - Volume numberIS - Issue numberT2 - Title secondaryCY - City of PublicationPB - PublisherU1 - User definable 1U5 - User definable 5T3 - Title seriesN2 - AbstractSN - ISSN/ISBN (e.g. ISSN XXXX-XXXX)AV - AvailabilityM1 - Misc. 1M3 - Misc. 3AD - AddressUR - Web/URLL1 - Link to PDFL2 - Link to Full-textL3 - Related recordsL4 - ImagesER - End of Reference (must be the last tag)

Type of reference

Type of reference preceded by the TY - tag can abbreviated as follows:

ABST - AbstractADVS - Audiovisual materialART - Art WorkBOOK - Whole bookCASE - CaseCHAP - Book chapterCOMP - Computer programCONF - Conference proceedingCTLG - CatalogDATA - Data fileELEC - Electronic CitationGEN - GenericHEAR - HearingICOMM - Internet CommunicationINPR - In PressJFULL - Journal (full)JOUR - JournalMAP - MapMGZN - Magazine articleMPCT - Motion pictureMUSIC - Music scoreNEWS - NewspaperPAMP - PamphletPAT - PatentPCOMM - Personal communicationRPRT - ReportSER - Serial publicationSLIDE - SlideSOUND - Sound recordingSTAT - StatuteTHES - Thesis/DissertationUNPB - Unpublished workVIDEO - Video recording


External links

* [http://www.refman.com/support/risformat_intro.asp file specification] from Reference Manager
* [http://www.adeptscience.co.uk/kb/article/A626 file specification] from Adept Scientific in text and PDF

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