Earl of Mercia

Earl of Mercia

Earl of Mercia was a title in the late Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Danish, and early Anglo-Norman period in England. Originally an independent kingdom, Mercia fell under the domination of Wessex in the 10th century. First governed by ealdormen, it became an earldom in the Anglo-Danish period. ["Anglo-Saxon Chronicle", 1017: "This year King Knute took to the whole government of England, and divided it into four parts: Wessex for himself, East-Anglia for Thurkyll, Mercia for Edric, Northumbria for Eric."]

The Earldom was broken up and dissolved following the defeat of Edwin.

The Earls of Mercia were:
* Eadric Streona (1007-17), ealdorman of Mercia ["Anglo-Saxon Chronicle", 1007: "In this year also was Edric appointed alderman over all the kingdom of the Mercians.", 1017: "This year also was Alderman Edric slain at London".]
* Leofric (c.1030-1057)
* Ælfgar (1057-1062)
* Edwin (1062-1070)


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