Christian Social Party (Belgium)

Christian Social Party (Belgium)

party_name = Christlich-Soziale Partei
party_wikicolourid = CD&V
leader = Mathieu Grosch
foundation = "unknown"
ideology = Christian Democracy
international = Centrist Democrat International
european = European People's Party
europarl = European People's Party–European Democrats
colours = Orange/Black
cartel = "none"
walloon = CDh
flemish = CD&V
names = "none"
headquarters = national secretariat
Kaperberg 6, Eupen
website = []

The Christian Social Party (German: "Christlich-Soziale Partei") is a party operating in the German-speaking community of Belgium. Its President is Mathieu Grosch.

In the 2004 European Parliament election, standing as "Christlich-Soziale Partei - Europäische Volkspartei", it gained the single seat allocated by Belgian law to the German-speaking community. It works together with the Francophone Christian-democrats in other elections.

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