Grapevine (dance move)

Grapevine (dance move)

Grapevine is the name of a dance figure, which may look different in various ballroom, club, and folk dances, but shares a common appearance: it includes side steps and steps across the support foot.


The most basic endless grapevine sequence of steps may look as follows:

* Side step,
* Step across in front of the support foot,
* Side step,
* Step behind the support foot,
* Repeat the sequence...

The whole movement is in the same sidewise direction. The sequence may start from any of the four listed steps and may break at any place wherever it is convenient to go into another dance figure, e.g., into a grapevine in the opposite direction.



= Electric Slide and Hustle =

In these dances it is an eight count figure, often split into two, mirroring each other and called "Grapevine to the right" and "Grapevine to the left".

# Step right
# Step left foot to the right, crossing in front of right foot
# Step right
# Tap left against right
# Step left
# Step right foot to the left, crossing in front of the left foot
# Step left
# Tap right against left

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