1791 English cricket season

1791 English cricket season

In the 1791 English cricket season, the emergence of the Brighton club heralded a brief revival of Sussex cricket which had been prominent during the early 18th century. As with Hornchurch Cricket Club and Essex, the Brighton team was a fair representation of Sussex as a county and the county name is used where the opposition is another county team or All-England. The club's venue was the Prince of Wales Ground in Brighton, which had its name changed over the years and was known as Box's Ground in the 19th century.


First mentions

* Lord Frederick Beauclerk
* Charles Cumberland
* Thomas Mellish (MCC; amateur) – played 52 matches to 1815
* John Goldham "aka" Goldhawk (Middlesex) – played 35 matches to 1812
* W. Wells (Middlesex) – played twelve matches to 1816
* Littler (Essex cricketer) (Essex) – played nine matches to 1793
* Alexander Pitcairn (MCC; amateur) – played nine matches to 1792
* Welsh (MCC cricketer) (MCC; amateur) – played eight matches to 1793
* P. Vallance (Sussex) – played seven matches to 1792
* Collins (Hampshire cricketer) (Hampshire) – played six matches to 1792
* Gregory (Sussex cricketer) (Sussex) – played five matches to 1792
* Thomas Jutten (cricketer) (Sussex) – played five matches to 1792
* Thomas Liffen (Sussex) – played five matches to 1792
* J. Merchant "aka" Marchant (Sussex) – played five matches to 1792
* Sale (Berkshire cricketer) (MCC/Berkshire; amateur) – played five matches to 1793
* Sackville Tufton, 9th Earl of Thanet (Kent; amateur) – played five matches to 1794
* W. Chapman (Notts) – played five matches to 1803
* Hon. W. Harbord (MCC; amateur) – played four matches to 1791
* John Vallance (Sussex) – played four matches to 1792
* Miles (Essex cricketer) (Essex) – played three matches to 1793
* R. Stewart (MCC; amateur) – played three matches to 1799
* Humphrey Hopkin (Notts) – played two matches to 1800
* E. Streeter (Sussex) – played two matches to 1792

Leading batsmen

Note that many scorecards in the 18th century are unknown or have missing details and so it is impossible to provide a complete analysis of batting performances: e.g., the missing not outs prevent computation of batting averages. The "runs scored" are in fact the "runs known".

William Beldham with 532 runs was the top scorer in 1791

Others were Henry Fitzroy with 386 runs; Earl of Winchilsea 345; George Louch 336; William Fennex 296; Edward Bligh 271; Charles Lennox 269; Tom Walker 196; Charles Cumberland and Jack Small 181 each

Leading bowlers

Note that the wickets credited to an 18th century bowler were only those where he bowled the batsman out. The bowler was not credited with the wickets of batsmen who were caught out, even if it was "caught and bowled". In addition, the runs conceded by each bowler were not recorded so no analyses or averages can be computed.

Captain Charles Cumberland with 41 known wickets was the leading bowler in 1791

Others were William Fennex with 34; Richard Purchase 19; Thomas Boxall and Thomas Lord 17 each; John Boorman 15

Leading fielders

Note that many scorecards in the 18th century are unknown or have missing details and so the totals are of the "known" catches and stumpings only. Stumpings were not always recorded as such and sometimes the name of the wicket-keeper was not given. Generally, a catch was given the same status as "bowled" with credit being awarded to the fielder only and not the bowler. There is never a record of "caught and bowled": the bowler would be credited with the catch, not with the wicket.

Star fielder George Louch with 21 took the most catches in 1791

Other leading fielders were William Beldham 20 ct; Tom Taylor 15 ct; Charles Lennox 9 ct, 3 st; John Wells 11 ct; Thomas Ingram 10 ct, 1 st; Edward Bligh 10 ct; Stephen Amherst 7 ct, 2st; William Fennex 9 ct.


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