Harry Kim (Star Trek)

Harry Kim (Star Trek)

Star Trek character|if=|Title = Harry Kim
bgcolor = #ddddff

Caption = Ensign Harry Kim
Size = 220px
Species = Human
Gender = Male
Birth = 2349
Death =2372 (replaced by alternate Harry Kim from duplicate USS Voyager)
Planet = Earth
Posting = USS "Voyager", Chief of Operations
HMS Nightingale, commanding officer (temporary)
USS Rhode Island, commanding officer (alternate timeline)
Affiliation = Starfleet
Rank = Ensign
Portrayed = Garrett Wang

Ensign Harry Kim, played by Garrett Wang, is a character in the television series "". He serves as the USS "Voyager"'s operations officer.


Kim was born in 2349 in South Carolina. He played clarinet in the Juilliard Youth Symphony and had a girlfriend named Libby. After graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2370, he was assigned to USS "Voyager", which becomes stranded in the Delta Quadrant. In "Deadlock", "Voyager" and its crew are duplicated. One ship's version of Kim is blown into space; the other ship's version of Kim replaces him. Kim is an ensign throughout the series' seven seasons. In the alternate future shown in the series finale "Endgame", he is captain of the USS "Rhode Island" in 2404.

Kim is frequently shown in a relationship or expressing romantic feelings for various women throughout the series, from Libby (his girlfriend back on Earth), to Seven of Nine, Lyndsay Ballard (in ""), several Taresisan women (in ""), Kes's daughter from another timeline (in ""), Megan Delany, and the Varro scientist Tal (in "The Disease").

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