Lenny or Lennie may refer to:

People with the Given name Lenny:
*Lenny (given name)

In meteorology:

* Hurricane Lenny, a notable Atlantic basin storm of 1999
* Lennies, stationary lenticular clouds (lens-shaped)

In fiction:
* Lennie Small, one of the main characters of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" and a developmentally disabled person
* Lenny Leonard, a character from American cartoon "The Simpsons"
* Lenny, a bird-like Neopet
* Lenny, one of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane in "Codename: Kids Next Door"
* Lenny, the Protagonist in Robert Anaya Ramirez's debut novel. "Lenny" ISBN#1424163781. See [http://www.publishedauthors.net/lenny] . Based on true events.
* Lenny, the pair of wind-up walking binoculars, one of the characters from the animated film "Toy Story"

In sports:
* Lenny, a chic fashion label started by Australian rules footballer Nathan G. Brown

In music:

* "Lenny" (album), the sixth album and seventh recording by Lenny Kravitz
* "Lenny" (Stevie Ray Vaughan song), a track off the album "Texas Flood"
* Lenny, the name Stevie Ray Vaughan gave to one of his signature guitars

In television and film:

* "Lenny" (film), a 1974 biopic about Lenny Bruce
* "Lenny" (TV series), a 1990–91 situation comedy starring Lenny Clarke

In other fields:

* "Lenny" (Asimov), a short story by author Isaac Asimov
* lenny, the codename for the Debian 5.0 release that will follow Debian 4.0.
* Lenny's Sub Shop, a submarine sandwich shop

ee also

* Lenny the Lion
* Leonard
* Leonardo (disambiguation)
* Lemmy

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