Billington may refer to:

*Billington, Bedfordshire - a small parish in England
*Billington, Lancashire - a larger village in England
*The Billington Food Group (aka "Billington's") - a sugar company in both the US and UK
*Billington BV - a Joint Venture of ING Bank and Getronics PinkRoccade in The Netherlands specialized in Digital Invoicing
*James H. Billington - the current U.S. Librarian of Congress
*John Billington - an immigrant on the "Mayflower" and first Englishman to be hanged in New England.
*Michael Billington (actor), the popular British film and television actor.
*Michael Billington (critic), the drama critic of The Guardian.
*Teddy Billington, US Olympic cyclist
*Michael Billington (activist), activist in the LaRouche movement, author of "Reflections of an American Political Prisoner."
*Lady Rachel Billington, British author.
*Billington Heights, New York, a hamlet in New York.
*Kevin Billington, British film director.
*Craig Billington, retired Canadian ice hockey goaltender.
*Elizabeth Billington, British opera singer.
*Francelia Billington, American actress.
*Fred Billington, English singer and actor.
*Thomas Billington (A.K.A Dynamite Kid), former English professional wrestler.
*Teresa Billington-Greig, suffragette and one of 70 founders of the Women's Freedom League
*Paul Billington Club Manager

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