Coins of the Czech koruna

Coins of the Czech koruna

Czech koruna coins are part of the physical form of the current Czech currency, the Czech koruna.

Current issues – regular
Value Technical parameters Description Date of
Diameter Thickness Mass Composition Edge Obverse Reverse first minting issue withdrawal lapse
10 h 15.5 mm 1.7 mm 0.6 g 99% aluminium
1% magnesium
Plain "ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA",[1] the Czech lion, year of minting Value, stylized river 1993 12 May 1993 31 October 2003 31 October 2009
20 h 17 mm 0.74 g Milled Value, linden leaf
50 h 19 mm 0.9 g Alternately plain and milled Value 31 August 2008 31 August 2014
1 Kč 20 mm 1.85 mm 3.6 g Nickel plated steel Milled Value, St. Wenceslas crown 9 June 1993 Current
2 Kč 21.5 mm,
3.7 g Rounded, plain Value, a Great Moravian button-jewel Current
5 Kč 23 mm 4.8 g Plain Value, Charles Bridge, Vltava, linden leaf Current
10 Kč 24.5 mm 2.55 mm 7.62 g Copper plated steel Milled "ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA", the Czech lion, year of minting Value, Petrov national monument in Brno 1993 12 May 1993 Current
20 Kč 26 mm,
2.55 mm 8.43 g Brass plated steel Rounded, plain "ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA", the Czech lion, year of minting Value, the St. Wenceslas monument on Wenceslas Square, inscription from the monument 1993 12 May 1993 Current
50 Kč 27.5 mm
center: 17 mm
2.55 mm 9.7 g Ring: copper plated steel
Center: brass plated steel
Plain "ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA", the Czech lion, year of minting, value "PRAGA MATER URBIUM",[2] view of Prague 1993 7 April 1993 Current


  1. ^ "ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA" means "Czech Republic" in Czech
  2. ^ "PRAGA MATER URBIUM" means "Prague, the Mother of Towns" in Latin

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