Freedom Union

Freedom Union
Freedom Union–Democratic Union
Unie svobody–Demokratická unie
Leader Jan Černý
Founded 1998
Headquarters Kozí 916/5, Prague
Ideology Social liberalism, Liberalism (2002-2005), Libertarianism (2006)
Official colours Dark green
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The Freedom Union–Democratic Union (Czech: Unie Svobody–Demokratická unie, US–DEU) is a small, pro-european liberal party in the Czech Republic. As of 2008, it does not have any seats in the Czech Chamber of Deputies and has 1 senator in "Open Democracy" Caucus in the Senate.

The party was founded in 1998 as Freedom Union (Unie Svobody), as a split from the Civic Democratic Party. From 2002 till 2006, it was part of the Czech government, forming a coalition with the Czech Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party. As a part of government, the party started to lose members and support. It suffered a stinging defeat in the 2004 regional councils and European Parliament elections. In the 2006 legislative election it received just 0.3% votes and lost all its seats in the Chamber of Deputies, which led to the resignation of its leader, Pavel Němec. Current leader, Jan Černý, was elected on June 3, 2007.

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