Forbidden City (disambiguation)

Forbidden City (disambiguation)

The phrase Forbidden City can refer to:
* The Imperial palace in Beijing. The Forbidden City (Zijincheng) is also known as Gugong (Imperial Palace)
* The city of Lhasa in Tibet.
* The city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
* The city of Harar, an eastern city in Ethiopia.
* The city of Smara or Semara is a city in Western Sahara. [cite | author=Jean and Michel Vieuchange | title=Smara, the Forbidden City: Being the Journal of Michel Vieuchange While Travelling Among the Independent Tribes of South Morocco and Río de Oro | ISBN=0880011467 | publisher=Ecco Press | date=1987]
* The palace known as the Imperial City in Huế is known as the Purple Forbidden City in Vietnamese.
* The New York City World Trade Center site, which was given this name by photographer Joel Meyerowitz.
* A fictional place, featured in the book "Tarzan and the Forbidden City" by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
* The Forbidden City (nightclub), a famous Asian-themed cabaret in San Francisco
* A fictional place; the city that Malthazaard resides in "Arthur and the Minimoys".
* A novel written by William E. Bell.
*"Forbidden City Tour", an album by the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra


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