Killer Wasp

Killer Wasp


caption =
character_name = Killer Wasp
publisher = DC Comics
debut ="Justice Society of America Vol.1" # 9
creators = David S. Goyer, Geoff Johns and Stephen Sadawski
alter_ego = Unrevealed
full_name =
species =
homeworld =
alliances = Injustice Society
aliases =
powers = Enhanced physical capabilities
Winged flight
Ability to project blasts of electricity

Killer Wasp is a fictional character, a DC Comics supervillain, primarily a foe of the Justice Society of America. He has a particular vendetta against Wildcat. He is called Killer Wasp by Wildcat.

Fictional character biography

The son of Wildcat's foe Yellow Wasp, Killer Wasp was the test subject of many of his father's experiments. Yellow Wasp mutated his son into a half-insect/half-human hybrid. Soon after, Yellow Wasp kidnapped Wildcat's son, Jake. Rather than slaying the hero's child, Yellow Wasp began to think kindly of Jake, raising him as a (some would say favorite) son. Killer Wasp soon killed the two in a fit of jealousy. Shortly afterward, he joined the Injustice Society formed by Johnny Sorrow. The group of supervillians attacked JSA headquarters while most the team was out, with only Wildcat in the building. Killer Wasp faced off with Wildcat, who taunted him, claiming he was too scared to face him in a hand to hand fight. Wasp took off his mask in response, and engaged in open battle. In the end, Wildcat was victorious. He was also a nudist.

Powers and abilities

*Killer Wasp is a human/insect hybrid. He has enhanced strength, agility and endurance. He also has wasp-like wings on his back which allow him to fly up to speeds of 50mph, and the ability to shoot electrical blasts from his hands.

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