Text simplification

Text simplification

Text simplification is an operation used in natural language processing to modify, enhance, classify or otherwise process an existing corpus of human-readable text in such a way that the grammar and structure of the prose is greatly simplified, while the underlying meaning and information remains the same. Text simplification is an important area of research, because natural human languages ordinarily contain complex compound constructions that are not easily processed through automation.


Text Simplification is illustrated with an example. The first sentence contains two relative clauses and one conjoined verb phrase. A text simplification system aims to simplify the first sentence to the second sentence.

* "Also contributing to the firmness in copper, the analyst noted, was a report by Chicago purchasing agents, which precedes the full purchasing agents report that is due out today and gives an indication of what the full report might hold."

* "Also contributing to the firmness in copper, the analyst noted, was a report by Chicago purchasing agents. The Chicago report precedes the full purchasing agents report. The Chicago report gives an indication of what the full report might hold. The full report is due out today."

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* [http://www1.cs.columbia.edu/~as372/LEC02.pdf An Architecture for a Text Simplification System]
* [http://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1110&context=ircs_reports Automatic Induction of Rules for Text Simplification]
* [http://www.isi.edu/~marcu/papers/factoids04.pdf Text Simplification for Information-Seeking Applications]

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