Gas chamber (disambiguation)

Gas chamber (disambiguation)

Gas chamber may refer to:
* Gas chamber, a means of execution where a poisonous gas is introduced into a hermetically sealed chamber, to kill people.
* A chamber filled with tear gas, used to train military and law enforcement personnel in use of gas masks and in resisting the effects of tear gas
* Alcoholic beverage consisting of absinthe and Sambuca consumed by two people using two shot glasses and a wine glass
* A room used to store gas in at atmospheric pressure, before compressed gas cylinders were invented. For example in basements of theatres to store the oxygen and hydrogen used to make limelight; the gas was stored in a big flexible gas-tight bag inside the room
* Gas Chamber Orchestra, an American noise music ensemble
* Various uses for a compartment containing gas, e.g.:
** The float chambers in the shells of some cephalopods
** (In a patent description): a gas-filled chamber to make something float in water
** Part of an automatic or semi-automatic rifle, for example in the AK-107
** Part of an internal combustion engine's exhaust system to let the exhaust gas escape underwater but not let water enter the exhaust system []
* In surfing:
** When a big wave rolls over, enclosing a temporary horizontal tunnel of air with the surfer inside []
** The name of a number of around the world, most notably:
*** Gas Chamber, near Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
*** Gas Chambers, on Oahu's north shore

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