Saratoga may refer to:


In Australia:
*Saratoga, New South Wales, a coastal suburb of the city of Gosford

In the United States:
*Saratoga, California, a city in Santa Clara County
*Saratoga, Indiana, a town in Randolph County
*Saratoga, Nebraska Territory, a boom and bust town now inside of Omaha, Nebraska
*Saratoga, New York, a town
*Saratoga County, New York
*Saratoga Springs, New York, commonly referred to simply as "Saratoga", adjacent to the town of Saratoga, New York
**Saratoga Race Course, a thoroughbred horse racing track
**"Saratoga" (film), set in the New York race track area, starring Clark Gable and Jean Harlow
*Saratoga, North Carolina, a town in Wilson County
*Saratoga, Texas, an unincorporated community in Hardin County
*Saratoga, Clarke County, Virginia, a small unincorporated community
*Saratoga, Wisconsin
*Saratoga, Wyoming, a town in Carbon County
*Saratoga Passage, in Puget Sound, Washington


The Saratoga area in New York was important in the American Revolutionary War, see:
*Saratoga Campaign
*Battle of Saratoga
*Battle of Freeman's Farm
*Battle of Bemis Heights


*USS "Saratoga", any of several U. S. Navy ships named after the Battle of Saratoga


*Either of two species of Australian fish in the family Osteoglossidae:
**Saratoga (fish) (also "spotted saratoga")
**Gulf saratoga
*Chrysler Saratoga, a model of automobile
*Piper Saratoga, a light aircraft
*Saratoga Technologies, an IT solutions company
*"Saratoga", a former name of the 1970s American rock and roll band Kansas (band)


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