Saint Charles

Saint Charles

Saint Charles may refer to:

*Charles, Duke of Brittany, Blessed Charles of Blois
*Saint Charles Borromeo
*Saint Charles Garnier (missionary)
*Charles I, Count of Flanders, Blessed Charles the Good
*Carl Lwanga (Saint Charles Lwanga)
*Saint Charles-Joseph-Eugene de Mazenod
*Saint Charles of Sezze
*Saint Charles Spinola
*Saint Charles I of England (Saint of the Church of England)
*Saint Charles of Mount Argus

Saint Charles is also a place name:

in Barbados

*The Port Saint Charles marina

in Canada

*Saint-Charles, New Brunswick
*St. Charles, Ontario
*Saint-Charles de Bellechasse, Quebec
*Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

In France

*Saint Charles de Percy, in the Calvados "département"
* Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles, the main railway station of Marseille

In the United States of America

*St. Charles, Arkansas
*St. Charles, Idaho
*St. Charles, Illinois
*St. Charles, Iowa
*St. Charles, Kentucky
*St. Charles Parish, Louisiana
*St. Charles, Maryland
*St. Charles, Michigan
*St. Charles Parish, Michigan
*St. Charles, Minnesota
*St. Charles Township, Minnesota
*St. Charles Township, Cuming County, Nebraska
*St. Charles County, Missouri
*Saint Charles, Missouri
*St. Charles, South Dakota
*St. Charles, Virginia
*St. Charles Preparatory School
*St. Charles Ohio

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