Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Infobox SSR
name = Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
full-name = Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
loc-name = Абхазкая Aвтономная Советская Социалистическая Республика

arms =Sin escudo.svg
motto = Russian: Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!

capital = Sukhumi
language = Russian; other languages (including Abkhaz and Georgian) could be used in public insitutions per 1921 Constitution [1921 Constitution of Abkhazia http://abkhazia.narod.ru/constitution1.htm]
established = February 19, 1931
ussr-start = February 19, 1931
ussr-end = July 23, 1992
area-rank = 10th and last
area = 8600
water = negligible
pop-rank = 10th and last
pop =
density =
currency = ruble
time-zone = +3
anthem =
medals =
year_start = 1931
year_end = 1991
p1 = Abkhazian SSR
flag_p1 = Flag_of_Abkhazian_SSR.svg
s1 = Abkhazia
flag_s1 = Flag_of_Abkhazia.svg

The Abkhaz ASSR was an autonomous republic of the Soviet Union, within the Georgian SSR. It came into existence when the Abkhazian SSR was demoted to the status of Autonomous Republic in 1931.

See also: Abkhazia


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