Pakistan at the 1964 Summer Olympics

Pakistan at the 1964 Summer Olympics

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Pakistan competed at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. This time round, they won a silver medal in the men's field hockey team competition.


Silver medal in the men's field hockey team competition


Men's 100 metres

* Iftikhar Shah:* 1st round heat G; 11.4 (→ did not advance)

Men's 400 metres

* Mohammad Sadiq:* 1st round heat D; 47.3 (→ advanced to 2nd round):* 2nd round heat A; 48.0 (→ did not advance)

Men's 800 metres

* Anar Khan:* 1st round heat B; 1:56.4 (→ did not advance)

Men's 1500 metres

* Anar Khan:* 1st round heat C; 3:56.7 (→ did not advance)

Men's 110 metres hurdles

* Ghulam Raziq:* 1st round heat B; 14.7 (→ did not advance)

Men's 400 metres hurdles

* Manzoor-ul-Haq Awan:* 1st round heat C; 55.3 (→ did not advance)

Men's long jump

* Iftikhar Shah:* Qualification round; Disqualified -- all three jumps not measured

Men's marathon

* Mohammad Yousuf:* 2:40.46.0 finished 48th out of 58


Men's lightweight (up to 60kg)

* Ghulam Sarwar:* Series No 2; Beat Jacques Cotot (FRA) on pts:* Series No 3; Lost to James Vincent McCourt (IRL) on pts

Men's middleweight (up to 75kg)

* Sultan Mahmood:* Series No 2; Lost to Valery Popenchenko (USSR) RSC 1st rd

Men's light heavyweight (up to 81kg)

* Barkat Ali:* Series No 1; Lost to Robert H Christopherson (USA) on pts

Men's heavyweight (over 81kg)

* Abdul Rehman:* Series No 2; Lost to Hans Huber (GER) KO 1st rd


Men's 1,000 metres time trial

* Mohammad Hafeez:* Final classification; 1:18.50 (45.859 km/h) 23rd out of 25

Men's 4,000 metres team pursuit race

* Mohammad Ashiq, Lal Bux, Mohammad Hafeez and Mohammad Shafi:* Elimination heats race No 7; 5:38.77 (42.506 km/h) Lost to Preeda Chullamondhol, Somchai Chantarasamriti and Smaisuk Krisansuwan (THAI)

Men's 4,000 metres individual pursuit race

* Mohammad Ashiq:* Elimination heats race No 12; Disqualified as Antonio Duque Garza (MEX) Wbp (Won by pursuing)

Men's scratch sprint race

* Mohammad Hafeez:* Heats race No 3; Lost to Sergio Bianchetto (ITA):* Repechages elimination race No 7; Lost to Peder Pedersen (DEN)


Men's Team Competition

Pool A first round league

:* Defeated flagIOC|JPN|1964 Summer (1-0):* Defeated flagIOC|KEN|1964 Summer (5-2):* Defeated flagIOC|GBR|1964 Summer (1-0):* Defeated flagIOC|RHO|1964 Summer (6-0):* Defeated flagIOC|NZL|1964 Summer (2-0):* Defeated flagIOC|AUS|1964 Summer (2-1)


:* Defeated flagIOC|ESP|1964 Summer (3-0)


:* Lost to flagIOC|IND|1964 Summer (0-1)

Pakistan won the silver medal

Team Roster

* Manzoor Hussain Atif (captain)
* Anwar Ahmed Khan (vice-captain)
* Abdul Hameed (gk)
* Mazhar Hussain (gk)
* Munir Dar
* Tariq Aziz
* Saeed Anwar
* Zafar Hayat
* Mohammad Rashid
* Zafar Ahmed Khan
* Mohammad Asad Malik
* Mohammad Afzal Manna
* Motiullah
* Khawaja Zakauddin
* Tariq Niazi
* Khizar Nawaz Bajwa
* Khalid Mahmood
* Khurshid Azam


Men's small bore rifle 3 positions

* Aziz Ahmed Chaudhry:* 376/352/312 = 1040 score finished 50th out of 53

* Saifi Chaudhry:* Retired

Men's small bore rifle prone position

* Aziz Ahmed Chaudhry:* 93/96/96/90/95/97 = 567 score finished 73rd out of 73

Men's free pistol

* M A Salaam:* 87/81/86/77/88/88 = 507 score finished 46th out of 52

Men's rapid fire pistol

* Abdul Rashid:* 269/269 = 538 score finished 49th out of 53

Men's clay pigeon shooting

* Mohiuddin Khawaja:* 17/3/12/13/16/12/8/10 = 91 score finished 51st out of 51


Men's bantamweight (56kg)

* Mohammad Azam Mian:* Press 87.5 kg:* Snatch 87.5 kg:* Jerk 120.0 kg:* Total 295.0kg (finished 20th out of 24)

Wrestling Freestyle

Men's flyweight (52kg)

* Mohammad Niaz:* 1st round; Drew with Said Aliakbar Haydari (IRN):* 2nd round; Beat Athanasios Zafiropoulos (GRE):* 3rd round; Beat Stoytcho Malov Georgiev (BUL):* 4th round; Lost to Chang Sun Chang (KOR)

Men's bantamweight (57kg)

* Siraj Din:* 1st round; Beat Walter Pilling (GBR):* 2nd round; Beat Karl Dodrimont (GER):* 3rd round; Lost to Yojiro Uetake (JPN)

Men's featherweight (63kg)

* Mohammad Akhtar:* 1st round; Lost to Nodar Khokhashvili (USSR):* 2nd round; Lost to Stantcho Kolev Ivanov (BUL)

Men's lightweight (70kg)

* Mohammad Bashir:* 1st round; Beat Stefanos Ioannidis (GRE):* 2nd round; Lost to Zarbegi Beriashvili (USSR):* 3rd round; Lost to Mahmut Atalay (TUR) by fall

Men's welterweight (78kg)

* Mohammad Afzal:* 1st round; Lost to Karoly Bajko (HUN):* 2nd round; Beat Byung-Sup Choi (KOR):* 3rd round; Beat Perko A Dermendjiev (BUL):* 4th round; Lost to Mohamad-Ali Sanatkaran (IRN) by default

Men's middleweight (87kg)

* Faiz Mohammad:* 1st round; Beat Alfonso Rafael Gonzalez (PAN):* 2nd round; Drew with Doo-Man Kang (KOR):* 3rd round; Lost to Geza Hollosi (HUN):* 4th round; Lost to Daniel Oliver Brand (USA) by fall


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