Sun Ray (disambiguation)

Sun Ray (disambiguation)

Sun Ray or Sunray may refer to:
* A ray of sunlight
* A plant of genus "Enceliopsis"
* Sun Ray, a thin-client solution aimed at corporate environments; introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1999
* Sunray, a term used in radio voice procedure
* Sunray, Texas, a city in Moore County, Texas, United States
* The Sunrays, a pop music band managed by Murry Wilson
* "Sunray", a song by The Jesus and Mary Chain from their 1989 album "Automatic"
* "Sunray", a song by Riley Armstrong from his 2000 album "Riley Armstrong"
* "Sunray", a song by Hawkwind from their 2005 album "Take Me to Your Leader"
* Sunray Travel, a bus company in Surrey, England.
* Sunray (appliances) - appliance brand owned by Maytag

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