Takeshi Gear

Takeshi Gear

Takeshi Gear are items used in the Japanese "tokusatsu" television series, "Kamen Rider Hibiki". The various Takeshi Gear are both ancient items as well as items using technology to advance the mystical power of the "Oni Kamen" Riders. The Takeshi Gear is modeled after several Japanese and non-Japanese objects. Ranging from tuning forks to whistles, these are some of the more distinctive transformation items used in any Kamen Rider series.


The Takeshi Gear existed long before the human-Oni Kamen Rider alliance. It is not stated how the original Oni Kamen Riders received their transformation items and weapons. After the human-Oni Kamen Rider alliance known as "Takeshi" was formed, human science was used to help improve the usefulness of the Oni Kamen Rider weapons and transformation devices. These have gone on to be code named as Takeshi Gear after the original Armed Saber crafted by Takeshi Asumu.

Primary Systems

Henshin Onsa

The Henshin Onsa is an item resembling a tuning fork. It is the most commonly used transformation device among the Oni Kamen Riders. The Henshin Onsa is used mainly among the "Taiko" based Kamen Riders. It is said to be the simplest of all transformation devices to make, yet has the capability to unlock the greatest power within all Oni that use it.

Henshin Onibue

The Henshin Onibue is considered the most difficult of the Takeshi Gear to create. It is used mainly by Kamen Riders who wield weapons based on the use of wind such as a trumpet or flute. These are also the only of the Takeshi Gear that the Head Family of the Takeshi organization uses.

Henshin Kigen

Henshin Kigen is used mainly by the string instrument based Kamen Riders. These are considered to be uncommon, but neither as rare as the "Onibue" or as common as the "Onsa". The Henshin Kigen is a wrist device, attached the the wrist, the user pulls on a chain that lifts a face plate on the Henshin Kigen. The user the plugs the strings and their body is filled with a powerful burst of lightning as they transform.

pecial Systems

Aside from the basic three transformation devices, there is also a number of other devices that the Oni Kamen Riders can use to either transform or power up into a new form. Most Takeshi Gear that fall into this category are man-made items.

Armed Saber

The Armed Saber is an ancient sword that was once wielded by the ancestor of Kamen Rider Hibiki. Over the years it was improved with the use of human technology, eventually becoming the sword that it is today. The Armed Saber is equipped with a built in megaphone that allows for Hibiki to use stronger attacks. This weapon can also only be used by advanced Oni Kamen Riders, anyone who tries to use it when not yet of the proper skill will lose their transformation abilities.


The Rekkuu is a long staff-like flute. It is only shown to be used by Habataki in the series. It is much like the weapon of Kamen Rider Ibuki in that they both have a similar attacking style and both allow for powerful long range attacks.

Onifugu Daigo

The "Onifugu Daigo" is one of the larger of the Takeshi Gear. It is only used by Kamen Rider Shouki. It is a large weapon that is attached to its users' back and can be fit with different ends, allowing for large attacks or a sniper like attack.

OniTenku Tenku

The "OniTenku Tenku" is essentially a large trombone. It can be fit with either a normal trombone end that allows for wind based attacks or an end that allows for spider-like projectiles to be launched from it. It is uses by the series' counterpart to Kamen Rider Touki.

Other Oni Aresenal

* "Hibiki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): Onkaku
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): Kaentsudumi, Bakuretsu Kaentsudumi
** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Rekka
** Ongekida: Kaen Renda no Kata, Ikki Kasei no Kata, Gouka Renbu no Kata, Mouka Dotou no Kata, Bakuretsu Kyouda no Kata

* "Hibiki Kurenai/Hibiki Crimson"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): Onkaku
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): Kaentsudumi, Bakuretsu Kaentsudumi
** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Rekka
** Ongekida: Shakunetsu Shinku no Kata, Bakuretsu Shinku no Kata, Hibiki

* "Hibiki Soukou/Hibiki Armoured"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): Onkaku
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): Kaentsudumi, Bakuretsu Kaentsudumi
** Ongeki Zouhuku Ken (Saber): Armed Saber
*** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Rekka
** Ongekiha: Kishin Kakusei, All Ongekida

* "Ibuki"
** Henshin Onibue (Flute Whistle): Onteki
** Ongekimei (Trumpet Buckle): Narukaze
** Ongekikan (Trumpet Gun): Reppuu
*** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Yamase
** Ongekisha: Shippuu Issen

* "Todoroki"
** Henshin Kigen (String Brace): Onjou
** Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): Raigou
** Ongekigen (Guitar Lance): Retsurai
*** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Rakurai
** Ongekizan: Raiden Gekishin

* "Zanki"
** Henshin Kigen (String Brace): Onka
** Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): Zantetsu
** Ongekishingen (Guitar Lance): Retsuzan
** Ongekizan: Raiden Zanshin

* "Danki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): Mikageban
** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Nachiguro
** Ongekida: Hasai Sazareishi

* "Eiki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): Hakuryoku
** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Rokushou
** Ongekida: Hissatsu Hiccyuu no Kata

* "Gouki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): Kongou
** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Gouriki
** Ongekida: Gouwan Musou, Bakuretsu Randa etc

* "Shouki"
** Henshin Onibue (Flute Whistle): unknown
** Ongekimei (Trumpet Buckle): Kazataba
** Ongekikan (Trumpet): Taifuu
** Ongekisha: Boufuu Ikki

* "Touki"
** Henshin Onibue (Flute Whistle): unknown
** Ongekimei (Trumpet Buckle): Tsumuji
** Ongekikan (Trumpet): Arashi
** Ongekisha: Fuujin Dohatsu

* "Sabaki"
** Henshin Kigen (String Brace): unknown
** Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): Gokuraku
** Ongekigen (Guitar Lance): Enma
*** Kogata Ongekigen (Guitar Daggers): unknown
*** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Syakubyoushi
*** Ongekikan (Trombone): unknown
** Ongekizan: Enma Sabaki

* "Banki"
** Henshin Kigen (String Brace): unknown
** Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): Jigoku
** Ongekigen (Guitar Lance): Tougenkyou
** Ongekizan: Meifu Madou

* "Shuki"
** Henshin Kigen (String Brace): unknown
** Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): unknown
** Ongekigen (Harp): Kitara
** Ongekisou: Shinten Douchi

Movie Only

* "Kabuki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): unknown
** Ongekibou (Drum Sticks): Ressui
** Ongekida: Gouka Kenran

* "Touki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): unknown
** Ongeki Kanabou (Gong Stick): Rettou
** Ongekiou: Ichigeki Dotou

* "Kirameki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekimei (Trumpet Buckle): unknown
** Ongeki Cymbal: Retsuban
** Ongekihyou: Keichou Fubaku

* "Nishiki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): unknown
** Ongeki Triangle: Ressetsu
** Ongekikyou: Irasshai

* "Habataki"
** Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork): unknown
** Ongekimei (Trumpet Buckle): unknown
** Ongeki Flute: Rekkuu
** Ongekisha: Senpuu Issen

* Meitou Onsaken (The Onsa's sword form)

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