Market liberalism

Market liberalism

The term market liberalism is used in two distinct meanings.

Especially in the United States, the term is often used as a synonym to classical liberalism.[1][2] In this sense, market liberalism depicts a political ideology, combining free market economy with personal liberty and human rights, in contrast to social liberalism, which, while also supporting personal liberty and human rights, supports a more mixed economy with state produced public services.

In Europe and elsewhere, the term market liberalism is often used as a synonym to economic liberalism,[3] depicting a policy supporting the economic aspects of liberalism, without necessarily including the political aspects of liberalism.

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    Although the term "liberalism" retains its original meaning in most of the world, it has unfortunately come to have a very different meaning in late twentieth-century America. Hence terms such as "market liberalism," "classical liberalism," or "libertarianism" are often used in its place in America.

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