Public holidays in Argentina

Public holidays in Argentina

National public holidays of Argentina.

: Moveable holidays::¹ If the date falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the holiday is the preceding Monday. If it falls on a Thursday or a Friday then the holiday is the following Monday.:² Always the third Monday of the month.

Other Observances

*Teacher's Day ("Día del Maestro") on September 11, commemorating the death of D. F. Sarmiento; only observed by primary school students.
*Student's Day/Spring Day ("Día del Estudiante"/"Día de la Primavera") on September 21; only observed by high-school students.
*Friend's day ("Día del Amigo") on July 20; unofficial.
*Mother's Day (Third Sunday of October)
*Father's Day (Third Sunday of June)
*Children's Day (Second Sunday of August)

The following are federal non-working religious holidays (people of the relevant faiths are excused from work): Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement (Judaism), End of Ramadan and Muslim New Year (Islam), Eastern Orthodox Christmas Day (January 7th), New Year's Day for indigenous cultures (June 21st).

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