President of Serbia

President of Serbia

Infobox Political post
post = President
body = Serbia
insignia = Standard of the President of Serbia.svg
insigniasize = 165px
insigniacaption = Standard of the President of Serbia

incumbent = Boris Tadić
incumbentsince = 15 February 2008
residence = Novi Dvor
termlength = 5 years, renewable once
inaugural = Boris Tadić
formation = 15 February 2008
website = []
The President of Serbia is the head of state of the Republic of Serbia.

The current President of Serbia is Boris Tadić, who was elected with 50.57% of the vote in the Serbian presidential election, 2008.

Authority, legal and constitutional rights

The President can:
* preside in five-year mandate
* be elected for president twice
* have immunity granted by National Assembly
* disband National Assembly and Government
* declare state of emergency
* call for elections
* represent the country
* confer medals and awards
* veto a bill until the assembly have reconsidered it, and approved it a second time

The Speaker of the Parliament serves as interim president if the elected president resigns from office, or if his/her term expires and a new president is not elected.


The President of Serbia has his own flag called Presidential Standard.


The Presidential Office is located in Novi Dvor.

Secretary General of the Office is Branko Radujko.

Director of People's Office of the President is Tatjana Pašić.


Advisors to the President of the Republic carry out the analytical, advisory and other corresponding tasks for the needs of the President of the Republic as well as other expert tasks in relations of the President with the Government and the Parliament. [ [http://www.predsednik.yu/mwc/default.asp?c=102500&g=20060929132051&lng=eng&hs1=1 Office of the President] ]

Presidents of the Republic of Serbia

Presidental election, 2008

ee also

*President of Serbia and Montenegro
*President of Yugoslavia

External links

* [ Official Web Site of The President of Serbia]
* [http://www.narodnakancelarija.srbija.yu/eng/index.htm People´s Office of the President]

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