Movement for Reconstruction of Poland

Movement for Reconstruction of Poland

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Movement for the Reconstruction of Poland (Polish: Ruch Odbudowy Polski, ROP) is a conservative and eurosceptic political party in Poland. It participated in election to the Polish parliament, the Sejm, at Polish parliamentary election, 1997, where it received 5.6% of the vote, to elect 6 M.P's. At the following legislative elections in 2001, 2 of its members were elected to the Sejm from the Liga Polskich Rodzin (League of Polish Families) electoral committee ticket. The party is not currently represented in the Polish parliament.

During Polish parliamentary election, 2007 members of Movement for Reconstruction of Poland were elected from lists of Law and Justice.


  • Jan Olszewski - party chairman from 1995 to 2011, he founded the party in 1995
  • Stanisław Gogacz - party chairman from 2011, member of Polish Senat from 2007

Members of Polish Parliament (Sejm) 2001-2005

MP, constituency

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