Three seconds rule

Three seconds rule

The three seconds rule requires that in basketball, a player shall not remain in the opponents' restricted area for more than three consecutive seconds while his team is in control of a live ball in the frontcourt and the game clock is running.Rule 5 (Violations), Article 26. cite web | year = 2006 | url = | title = Official Basketball Rules 2006 | format = pdf | work = | publisher = International Basketball Federation | accessdate = 2006-11-02]

The three-second rule was introduced in 1936 and was then expressed: no offensive player could remain in the free throw lane, with or without the ball, for more than three seconds. The three-second rule came about in part following a game at Madison Square Garden between the University of Kentucky (UK) and New York University (NYU) in 1935, won by NYU 23-22. The university of Kentucky team did not take their own referee, a common practice at the time, despite advice to the UK coach Adolph Rupp from Notre Dame coach George Keogan, who had lost to NYU the week prior and who warned Rupp of the discrepancies in officiating between the Midwest and the East. The game was rough. UK were unable to run their normal offense (which consisted of using screens) without being called for a foul. New York University's Irving Terjesen and Irwin Klein guarded together one of UK's major players Leroy Edwards, allowing him to score a mere 6 points (the lowest output of his career). The "New York Post" reported the game:cite web | last = Scott | first = Jon | authorlink = | coauthors = | year = 2001 | url = | title = Kentucky Inspired Rule Changes | work =
publisher = Kentucky Basketball (Wildcats) | accessdate = 2006-11-02


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