Catalan Sheepdog

Catalan Sheepdog

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name = Catalan Sheepdog
altname = Catalonian Shepherd
Gos d'Atura Català
Perro de pastor catalán
Catalonian Sheepdog
country = flagcountry|Spain
fcigroup = 1
fcisection = 1
fcinum = 87
fcistd =
ukcgroup = Herding
ukcstd = ?
kcukgroup = Pastoral
kcukstd = ?
note = The UKC does not have its own breed standard; it currently uses the FCI standard

The Catalan Sheepdog is a breed of Catalan pyrenean dog used as a sheepdog. The dog is bred in Europe, especially in Catalonia, Finland, Germany, and Sweden.



Catalan Sheepdogs range in size from 17 to 19 in (45 to 55 cm) in height and 45 to 60 lb (20 to 27 kg) in weight for males, with females being smaller. Their coat is long and either flat or slightly wavy, and ranges from fawn to dark sable and light to dark grey. There is also a shorthaired version of this breed, but is nearly extinct

Size and Weight

Size: from 45cm to 55cm. Weight: around 20kg

Hair and hair color

Long and limp and a little curled.


This breed is used for herding and as a companion. Because of its intelligence, the Gos D'Atura, like most sheepdogs, are easy to train. This cheerful dog excels at dog-sports, such as agility and doggy-dance. In spite of its appearance, this courageous dog is also used as a watch-dog. An "all-around-dog" and great companion.

They guard sheep without needing instruction. Enough (outdoor) action and distraction makes this dog a quiet and well-balanced home companion. The breed is appropriate for people with firm techniques and who can give the dog enough exercise. Early socialization is important, particularly if the dog will be around children. The dogs defend their family and become attached to it.


Catalan Sheepdogs are prone to hip dysplasia. Their average life span is 12 to 14 years.


*Cobi- the Mascot of the 1992 Olympics was said to be a Catalan sheepdog.

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