Weasel (comics)

Weasel (comics)


caption =Weasel.
Art by Reilly Brown.
character_name = Weasel
publisher = Marvel Comics
debut ="Deadpool: The Circle Chase" #1 (August 1993)
creators = Fabian Nicieza Joe Madureira
alter ego = Jack Hammer
alliances =
aliases = The Penetrator/Penetraitor
supports= Deadpool
powers = Genius-level intellect

Weasel is a fictional character who appears in the comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Fabian Nicieza and Joe Madureira, he first appeared in Deadpool: The Circle Chase (limited series) #1 (August 1993). Weasel is a friend, sidekick, information broker and arms dealer for Deadpool. Although Weasel is perhaps Deadpool's best friend, Deadpool, because of his frequent mood swings and tenuous mental state, still often abuses or mistreats him, although Weasel has also displayed an opportunistic streak against his friend on occasion.

Fictional character biography

Weasel was once a bright young lad attending Midtown High, the same high school as Peter Parker and Jessica Jones. Weasel, then known by his birth name of Jack Hammer, was competing with Parker for a prestigious job under the wing of Norman Osborn and held an enormous crush on Parker's future girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. Deadpool accidentally teleported into the past during a fight with the Great Lakes Avengers. There, he found Jack Hammer and, disguised as Peter Parker, related to Norman Osborn false information about Jack Hammer being a drug user. His employment opportunity thus ruined, Hammer was manipulated by the disguised Deadpool into fixing his teleportation belt. With the gadget fixed, Deadpool returned to the future, leaving a depressed and drunken young Hammer with a new career option - crime. [Deadpool V1, #11]

From that point on, Hammer adopted the name of Weasel and turned to a life consisting of providing intelligence, weapons and other technological devices to mercenaries and criminals, sometimes partaking in mercenary activities himself. It is during this period that Weasel (from his perspective) first met Deadpool in Canada, apparently meeting not long after Deadpool left Weapon X. [Deadpool V1, #2] Weasel quickly proved himself as an able informant and arms supplier to Deadpool and eventually came to form an uneasy friendship with him. He assisted his friend behind the scenes as Deadpool eventually came to work for a crime lord named Tolliver. After Tolliver's apparent death, the two competed against a slew of other mercenaries, villains, heroes and assassins to become the beneficiaries of Tolliver's will [Deadpool Ltd. Series 1, #1-4] , and later came to work at the Hellhouse [Deadpool V1, #1] , a hotbed of mercenary activity in Chicago where jobs were dispensed to those willing to take them. Deadpool, due to his prowess and cold heart, came to be feared and respected there, but often butted heads with another powerful mercenary, T-Ray. During this time, The Taskmaster abducted Weasel in order to procure his services. Initially allowing Deadpool to track him down, then switching off his tracking device (which was attuned to his heart) shortly before Taskmaster defeated Deadpool, Weasel revealed his confusion to both mercenaries due to Taskmaster's sweetened offer in spite of the somewhat mercurial loyalties shared between himself and Deadpool. However, when his friend baffled and conclusively defeated Taskmaster, he chose to return to his employ, encouraged in part by Deadpool's show of compassion for him and the promise of a new cable connection to the Playboy Channel. [Deadpool V1, #2] His loyalties to Deadpool were also further shown at the Hellhouse when it became apparent that T-Ray maintained a grip of intimidation over the other mercenaries when Deadpool was absent, even though he was in no position to stand up to T-Ray directly. [Deadpool V1, #5] Ultimately, T-Ray decided to organize a showdown with Deadpool and told Weasel to relay that information to Deadpool. [Deadpool V1, #7] In an effort to get in touch with his friend before the appointed showdown time, Weasel teleported to Deadpool's San Francisco home - a definite no-no. He was shooed out by Deadpool's friend/prisoner Blind Al, but when Weasel later made repeated visits to her, Deadpool discovered him there and locked both him and Blind Al in the Box, a dark room so filled with sharp objects and instruments of torture that movement is almost impossible. This latest abuse was the breaking point - Weasel decided to move on and left Deadpool after escaping from the Box, hoping to define his life outside of his association with Deadpool.

Fate had other designs, however. After Deadpool's death and subsequent resurrection some time afterward, Weasel ran into an amnesiac Deadpool. He helped to restore Deadpool's memory and thus restored their friendship before leaving once more. An on-again off-again association between the two occurred after this point, with Deadpool sometimes asking for goods or working with Weasel. However, another breaking point came when Deadpool stood up for Weasel when he was found hacking into a computer. When Deadpool found out that Weasel had lied, he refused to help Weasel, who was sent to jail. Weasel decided to atone for this crime by faithfully serving his time, and when he got out, coincidentally worked a job with Deadpool in Rumekistan. With Weasel having served time to appease Deadpool's anger and with Deadpool having Tivo'd all the episodes of Battlestar Galactica during Weasel's stay in jail to make up for his past abuses, the two became fast friends once more. He assisted Deadpool in the mercenary's latest voyage of self discovery as Deadpool put himself in a series of situations to regain his rep as a mercenary, then made another attempt to become a hero. Weasel had Deadpool shrunk down to key-ring size in order to bolster his self-confidence, as he was no less effective in his greatly reduced size. On the last of these missions, Weasel was left in a Hydra base during an attack that was an attempt to give Deadpool more street-cred. While being imprisoned on the base, Weasel was apparently able to instead join Hydra and created a teleportation machine, which he named The Penetrator, for Hydra's use. This was interrupted by an attack on the base by Wolverine, coinciding with an attempted rescue by Deadpool and Bob, Agent of HYDRA. Weasel is sexually obsessed with 18 year old actress Kristen Stewart.

In other media

Weasel appears as a non-playable character in the game "" (voiced by Cam Clarke), affiliated once again with Deadpool. He is part of a subplot to discover if someone from S.H.I.E.L.D. is a traitor and requires information gathered by the player for various reasons. In a special chat he has with Deadpool, it turns out the last time they saw each other before the events of the game, Deadpool stabbed Weasel in the leg because he was about to eat his last cheesy-puff (although Weasel claims that it was his bag of cheesy-puffs).


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