John Wilson

John Wilson

John Wilson may refer to:


* John Wilson (Scottish politician), member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)
* John Wilson (Falkirk MP) (1844–1918), member of Parliament for Falkirk
* John Wilson (Edinburgh MP), member of Parliament for Edinburgh
* John Wilson (Govan MP) (1828–1905), member of Parliament for Govan, 1889–1900
* John Wilson (Glasgow St. Rollox MP) (1837–1928), member of Parliament for Glasgow St Rollox, 1900–1906
* John Wilson, 2nd Baron Moran (born 1924), British soldier and diplomat
* John Wilson (1837-1915), British miner, trade unionist and Liberal-Labour politician
* John Wilson (Lieutenant Governor of Quebec), Canadian viceroy
* John Wilson (British politician), leader, Greater London Council, 1984
* John Wilson (British Columbia politician) (born 1944), member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada
* John Wilson (Massachusetts) (1777–1848), member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1813
* John Wilson (Ontario politician) (1807–1869), lawyer, judge and political figure in Ontario, Canada
* John Wilson (South Carolina) (1773–1828), member of the U.S. House of Representatives
* John A. Wilson (1943–1993), member of the Council of the District of Columbia
* John Frank Wilson (1846–1911), delegate to the United States House of Representatives from Arizona Territory
* John Haden Wilson (1867–1946), Pennsylvania politician
* John Henry Wilson (1834–1912), physician, professor and political figure in Ontario, Canada
* John Henry Wilson (Kentucky) (1846–1923), lawyer and member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1889–1893
* John H. Wilson (judge), American judge from New York; author of "Hot House Flowers"
* John H. Wilson (mayor of Honolulu) (1871–1956), mayor of Honolulu, Hawaii
* John L. Wilson (1850–1912), U.S. Senator from Washington State
* John Lyde Wilson (1784–1849), a Governor of South Carolina, 1822–1824
* John P. Wilson (1923–2007), Irish politician
* John Thomas Wilson (1811–1891), member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio
* John William Wilson (1858–1932), member of Parliament for Worcestershire North, 1895–1918

ports figures

* John Wilson (Australian rules footballer) (born 1940)
* John Wilson (angler) (born 1943), British angler
* John Wilson (rugby league) (born 1978)
* John Wilson (soccer) (born 1977)
* John Parker Wilson (born 1985), American Footballer
* John Wilson (1913 pitcher) (1903–1980), former MLB pitcher for the Washington Senators
* John Wilson (1927-28 pitcher), former MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Sox
* John Wilson (ice hockey), former head coach of the Colorado Rockies
* Jack Wilson (cricketer) (1921–1985), Australian cricketer
* Jocky Wilson, nickname for John Thomas Wilson (born 1950), darts player

Literary figures

* John Wilson (historian), author of "Our Israelitish Origin" (1840), a founding text of British Israelism
* John Wilson (Canadian children's writer), children's writer, winner of the Norma Fleck Award
* John Wilson (playwright) (1627–1696), English playwright
* John Wilson (Scottish writer) (1785–1854), Scottish writer
* John Burgess Wilson (1917–1993), British author, pen name Anthony Burgess
* John Cook Wilson (1849–1915), English philosopher
* John Marius Wilson, author of "The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales"
* John Wilson (computer programmer), founder of "Zenobi Software"
* John Dover Wilson (1881–1969), professor and scholar of Renaissance literature


* Jock Wilson (John Nicholson "Jock" Wilson), Scottish soldier and centenarian
* Jock Wilson (police officer) (1922–1993), British police officer
* John "Sly" Wilson, musician, member of "Sly, Slick & Wicked"
* John Wilson (broadcaster)
* John Wilson (Caddo), leader in the Native American Church movement of the 1860s
* John Wilson (Captain), Swedish sailor
* John Wilson (composer) (1595–1674), composer and lutenist
* John Wilson (conductor), orchestral conductor
* John Wilson (film editor), film editor
* John Wilson (Golden Raspberry), the founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards, 1980
* John Wilson (mathematician) (1741–1793)
* John Wilson (Numismatist), winner of the 2007 Farran Zerbe Memorial Award
* John Wilson (philatelist) (1938–1969), Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection
* John Wilson Jr. (professor), professor of English in Japan
* John Appleton Wilson, American architect
* John C. Wilson, Broadway producer and director
* John Foster Wilson (1919–1999), founder, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
* John Moulder Wilson (1837–1919), Union Army engineer
* John T. Wilson, president of the University of Chicago, 1975–1978
* J. S. Wilson (John Skinner Wilson), early Scouting notable
* John Carl David Wilson (1955–2006), known as Back Alley John, Canadian blues singer, songwriter and harmonica player

ee also

* Jon Wilson (born 1983), American musician
* Johnny Wilson (disambiguation)
* Jack Wilson (disambiguation)

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