Mikhail Gromov

Mikhail Gromov

Mikhail Gromov may refer to:

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  • Mikhail Gromov — Mikhaïl Gromov Mikhaïl Gromov Mikhaïl Gromov Naissance 23 décembre 1943 Boksitogorsk en Union soviétique (URSS) …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Mikhaïl Gromov — Pour les articles homonymes, voir Gromov. Mikhaïl Gromov Mikhaïl Gromov Naissance 23  …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Mikhail Gromov — Michail Gromow ist der russische Pilot Michail Michailowitsch Gromow der russische Mathematiker Michail Leonidowitsch Gromow …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Mikhail Gromov (disambiguation) — Mikhail Gromov may refer to one of the following persons.*Mikhail Gromov, a Soviet aviator *Mikhail Gromov, a mathematician …   Wikipedia

  • Mikhail Gromov (aviator) — Mikhail Mikhailovich Gromov ( ru. Михаил Михайлович Громов; February 24 1899 January 22 1985) was a famous Russian aviator, Hero of the Soviet Union. On July 12 14 1937 Mikhail Gromov, A. B. Yumashev, and S. A. Danilin established a new non stop… …   Wikipedia

  • Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gromov — Mikhail Gromovbr Михаил Громов Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gromov, 1934 Full name Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gromov Born February 24, 1899(1899 02 24) Died …   Wikipedia

  • Mikhail Katz — (born 1958)[1] is an Israeli mathematician, a professor of mathematics at Bar Ilan University. His main interests are differential geometry and geometric topology; he is the author of a book about systolic geometry. Katz earned a bachelor s… …   Wikipedia

  • Gromov — may refer to one of the following persons.*Alexander Georgiyevich Gromov, a Russian politician and KGB officer. *Alexander Nikolaevich Gromov, a science fiction writer. *Alexey Gromov, the Press Attaché for Vladimir Putin *Boris Gromov, a Soviet… …   Wikipedia

  • Gromov–Hausdorff convergence — Gromov–Hausdorff convergence, named after Mikhail Gromov and Felix Hausdorff, is a notion for convergence of metric spaces which is a generalization of Hausdorff convergence. Gromov–Hausdorff distanceGromov–Hausdorff distance measures how far two …   Wikipedia

  • Gromov's theorem — may mean one of a number of results of Mikhail Gromov:*One of Gromov s compactness theorems: ** Gromov s compactness theorem (geometry) in Riemannian geometry ** Gromov s compactness theorem (topology) in symplectic topology *Gromov s Betti… …   Wikipedia

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