Neurosis (band)

Neurosis (band)

Neurosis performing in Seattle, Washington, 2008.
Background information
Origin Oakland, California, USA
Genres Post-metal, sludge metal, hardcore punk, crust punk
Years active 1985−present
Labels Neurot, Relapse, Alternative Tentacles, Lookout!, Alchemy, Your Choice Records
Associated acts Neurosis & Jarboe, Tribes of Neurot, Red Sparowes, Harvestman, Blood and Time, A Storm of Light, Battle of Mice, Jesus Fucking Christ
Scott Kelly
Steve Von Till
Dave Edwardson
Noah Landis
Jason Roeder
Josh Graham
Past members
Adam G. Kendall
Pete Inc.
Simon McIlroy
Chad Salter
Pete Rypins

Neurosis is a post-metal band, based in Oakland, California. They formed in 1985 as a hardcore punk band, and their sound progressed towards a doom metal style that also included influences from dark ambient and industrial music as well as incorporating elements of folk music. The band is highly regarded as the primary pioneer of its genre,[1] sometimes referred to as post-metal. Critic Brian Russ has described them as "atmospheric hardcore".[2]



In late 1985, Scott Kelly, Dave Edwardson and Jason Roeder (formerly members of Violent Coercion) founded the band as a hardcore punk outfit, borrowing from British crust punk like Amebix.[3] In 1986 Chad Salter was added on second guitar. In 1989 Chad Salter was replaced by Steve Von Till.

It has gradually progressed through a variety of styles, arriving at a mixture of heavy metal and acoustic, minimalistic ambience which has proved influential on the doom metal scene.

From 1990 to 1993, Adam G. Kendall was recruited to create the visuals and perform live with the band. Following his departure from touring, Pete Inc. took over the job, although Kendall continued to contribute visuals for the band until as late as 1997. Kendall also shot the footage for the "Locust Star" video. Josh Graham took over live visuals in early 2000, and is still with the band to date, having also done album artwork for 2004's The Eye of Every Storm and 2007's Given to the Rising.

Often experimental and psychedelic in nature, the visuals have added to the reputation of Neurosis' live performances. Many of the visuals for their tours supporting Through Silver in Blood can be found in Ken Russell's film Altered States. Other images are included in the enhanced portion of the Sovereign mini album, and on the A Sun That Never Sets DVD video release. The majority of the DVD release was directed by Josh Graham, with an additional video by Chad Rullman.

Additionally, the band have founded their own independent record label, Neurot Recordings, which, in addition to releasing material from Neurosis and its associated projects, has since become home to several innovative musicians.

In 2009, José Carlos Santos of Terrorizer described Neurosis as "arguably the most influential band of the past two decades."[4]

The band will enter the studio in December 2011 to record the follow up to Given to the Rising.


Neurosis have cited Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Black Flag, Hawkwind, Joy Division, Rudimentary Peni, Celtic Frost, Melvins, Die Kreuzen, Killing Joke, Amebix, and Voivod[5][6] as inspirational.

Neurosis have also alluded to the work of Philip K. Dick, Ingmar Bergman, Jack London, Paul Bowles, and Cormac McCarthy.[7]

Neurosis have a burger named after them. [8]



Studio albums
7" singles/EPs
  • Black 7"EP (1986, bootleg)
  • Aberration 7"EP (1989, Lookout Records)
  • Empty 7"EP (1990, Allied Records)
  • The Doorway/Threshold 7"EP (1999, Relapse Records)
  • Sovereign MCD (2000, Neurot Recordings)
Live albums

Side projects

Neurosis at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Finland in 2009.
  • Neurosis & Jarboe a collaboration between Neurosis and Jarboe
  • Tribes of Neurot - The "alter ego" of Neurosis; a collective of musicians that create dark ambient and noise music.
  • Blood and Time - An acoustic side project of Neurosis with apocalyptic folk overtones.
  • Culper Ring - A brief side project of Neurosis experimenting with dark ambient and industrial music.
  • Red Sparowes - A group formerly featuring Josh Graham, as he departed the group early 2008.
  • A Storm of Light - A heavy/drone/experimental/rock band featuring Josh Graham.
  • Harvestman - an ambient/industrial side band featuring Steve Von Till.
  • Violent Coercion - pre-Neurosis Hardcore/punk band with Scott Kelly on guitar, Dave Edwardson on bass and Jason Roeder on drums.
  • Jesus Fucking Christ - A heavy punk/thrash band reminiscent of Pain of Mind-era Neurosis featuring Dave Edwardson on bass and vocals.
  • Shrinebuilder- A stoner metal "super group" featuring Scott Kelly


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