Them is the English third person accusative (i.e., used after a preposition or as the object of a verb) plural personal pronoun. "They" is the nominative form (i.e., subject of a phrase). "Them" is sometimes also used in the singular as the accusative form of the singular they. (See also: English personal pronouns).

Them or THEM may also refer to:
* Celtic F.C., Scottish football club
* Them, Denmark, a town in Silkeborg municipality
* Them (band), a band featuring Van Morrison
* T.H.E.M. (electroclash band), an electroclash/electro rock/queercore band.
* Themselves, a band formerly known as "Them"
* "Them" (novel), a 1969 novel by Joyce Carol Oates
* "", a 2003 book by Jon Ronson
* "Them (2006 film)", French Horror film starring Olivia Bonamy and Michael Cohen
* "Them (2007 film)", a TV film starring Tricia Helfer
* "Them!", a 1956 science fiction film about giant ants
* "Them", a 1988 album by heavy metal band King Diamond
* Them (TV series), a Fox network television series
* THEM (TV series), also known as Totally Hidden Extreme Magic, a short lived television series
* THEM! (comics), a gang of villains from the "Wonder Woman" comic
* THEM (Marvel universe), a fictional terrorist organisation
* "The Honourable Elijah Muhammad", used in internal notes of the Nation of Islam and by biographer Alex Haley

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