My Device

My Device
My Device
Background information
Origin Brighton, UK
Years active 2003 - 2010
Todd Jordan
Russell Eke
Alex "Doogle" Uren

My Device were a Brighton based band featuring Todd Jordan (guitar and lead vocals), Russell Eke (bass) and Alex "Doogle" Uren (drums). They formed in 2003, and split in 2010.

Their sound was typified by a combination of fast dance beats, loud guitar audio feedback, and catchy pop melodies.



The band formed in Brighton, and released a string of self-financed ep's through their management's own Jukebox Timebomb label, before becoming involved with Oxford based independent, Shifty Disco Records in 2005. They released "Get On Like A House On Fire" through the label as a download only MP3 single, before commencing work on their debut album, "Nervous System". The album was released the same month that they were chosen as the winners of NME's Sony Walkman Breaking Band competition 2006, which garnered them both critical acclaim and media attention. An MP3 of the song "I Was Brave Today" was made available for download, and Jamie Gillett's music video for it was included as a digital bonus on "Nervous System". Their energetic, good humoured, and frequently destructive live performances have earned them a certain amount of notoriety on the UK gig circuit. My Device released a new single entitled "Eat Lead" on February 26, 2007, as a lead up for their 2nd album, "Jumbo Fiasco", which was eventually released on November 5, 2007. The album generally received very positive reviews.

Then in 2010, after numerous overseas tours, they disbanded. All three members of the band now work together as part of NULLIFIER and have formed several other projects independently, including Negative Pegasus, Soft Arrows and Cousin.


Nervous System (CD ALBUM) - Shifty Disco Records 2006

Eat Lead (CD SINGLE) - Shifty Disco Records 2007

Eat Lead / I Was Brave Today (7" VINYL LIMITED SINGLE) - OIB Records 2007

Jumbo Fiasco (CD ALBUM) - Shifty Disco Records 2007


  • The Band are known for their love of the Katrina and the Waves' song "Walking on Sunshine"
  • My Device individually customised all 500 copies of the Eat Lead 7-inch single with a unique drawing on the b-side label.

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