George Anderson

George Anderson

George Anderson may refer to:


*George B. Anderson (1831–1862) - Confederate general
*George T. Anderson (1812–1901) - Confederate general
*George Whelan Anderson, Jr. (1906–1992) - American admiral, and diplomat


* George Anderson - Scottish politician who was Liberal MP for Glasgow from 1868 to March 1885.
*George A. Anderson (1853–1896) - U.S. Representative from Illinois
*George Washington Anderson - U.S. Representative from Missouri



*Sparky Anderson (b. 1934) - George Lee "Sparky" Anderson, baseball manager
*George Anderson (baseball) (1889–1962) - early 20th century baseball player


Association football (soccer)

*Geordie Anderson - late 19th century Scottish footballer
*George Anderson (footballer born 1877) (1877–1930) - Scottish footballer
*George Anderson (footballer born 1881) (1881–?) - English footballer in the 1900s–1910s
*George Anderson (footballer born 1893) (1893–?) - disgraced English footballer
*George Anderson (footballer born 1904) (1904–1974) - Scottish footballer in the 1920s–1930s
*George Anderson (soccer executive) (1890–1985) - Canadian soccer executive
*George Anderson (Canadian soccer player) - Canadian soccer player in the 1920s

Other codes

*George Anderson (Australian footballer) (1886–?)

Other sports

*George Anderson (cricketer) (1826–1902) - Yorkshire cricketer


*George Anderson (actor) - American film actor associated with Preston Sturges
*George Anderson (clarinetist) - principal clarinetist of the London Symphony Orchestra at the founding of the orchestra
*George Anderson (clergyman) (1677–1756) - Scottish clergyman
*George Anderson (criminal) (1879–1925) - American bank robber
*George Edward Anderson (1860–1928) - American photographer
*George Weston Anderson (1861-1938) - American lawyer and federal judge
*H. George Anderson (b. 1932) - Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
*George Anderson Black - American-Canadian businessman

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