Blue (Blue Gender)

Blue (Blue Gender)

The Blue are an insect-like race of creatures in the anime, Blue Gender. They are the advanced form of the "B-cell" that infected a number of humans. After scientists experimented with the "B-cells" on modern animals, the injection of the cells mutated them and the infected animals mated with non-infected ones, mutating them as well. The birth of the "B-cell" was supposedly by the Earth itself in an attempt to kill mankind, due to their overpopulation and damage caused to the planet in a process in the story called "Projected Cell Death" or the "Grand Will of the Earth". This process happens when a group of cells in an organism become over populous and if left unchecked, they would devour the organism. In this case, the Earth is viewed as a single living organism and the group of cells over running it is humanity. The Earth is using the Blue to defend itself from being further harmed by humanity which it views now as a cancer. The effects of the Blue can be considered a mass extinction of humanity.

Almost all of the Blue are large in size, abnormally different than real insects. All of them are very ferocious and have amazing strength. Because of this, most have to be fought with the use of the powered armor called Armored Shrikes. After killing a human, they will either feast or mold the victim into a cocoon-like green colored composite, for later feeding (according to Marlene, human bodies are poor in nutritients, so Blues gather them in these green "orbs"; when there's a large quantity of them, they will be eaten simultaneously). Most Blue have a tube-shaped organ protruding from mainly their heads called a core. If the core is damaged sufficiently, the Blue will be killed. Partway though the series, many of the first types seen evolve to protect their cores, such as the chopper growing additional carapace that covers both the mouth and the core when shut.

The types and official names of Blue seen in the series are:

*Chopper - Large stag beetle-like Blue with a brown exoskeleton. They have two pairs of pincers. They are the second kind of Blue Yuji encounters. Their outer pincers later evolve to cover their core so they can protect it better but it becomes vulnerable once it opens them.
*Rocket Bug - Weevil-like Blue that can launch itself through propulsion in its abdomen.
*Tank Beetle - Large scarab beetle-like creatures. This is the first kind Yuji lays eyes on.
*Tank Beetle II - A more fearsome variant of the Tank Beetle. It has grown a shell over its core to protect it better and to last longer in battle.
*Land Whale - The largest of the Blue seen and resembles a large armored worm or snake. This armor helps protect its core (Which also blows out air in the same manner a whale does with its blow hole which is possible how this Blue got its name) and it can also shoot an acid ball from its mouth. They appear to be based on the Graboid. In the compilation movie, it gives birth to two juveniles through its mouth.
*Man Eater - Appears like a giant Praying Mantis with a reptilian head and can fly quite well.
*Man Eater II - Unlike the first Man Eater, this one appears like a semi-bipedal spider. The eyes are on its lower jaw and the top part of the head is its entire mouth. In the compilation movie, it is seen in a giant web. It evolves later to have its jaw shield its core unless it opens to bite.
*Spring Worm - A worm-like Blue that has red eyes and a fanged mouth. It has a blue armored tail with a spiky balled tip at the end and it uses this to slam the ground. This allows it to spring in the air, hence the name spring worm.
*Double Boat - Resembles a giant fanged caterpillar that is almost as large as the Land Whale. It has a core inside its thorax instead of the head so it can't be easily killed. The two stalks on its head allow it to spray acid at its enemies.
*Clincher - A beetle-like Blue with tentacles on its head that feeds on electrical power. The tip of the abdomen glows green when it feeds on power. It assimilates a soldier and controls his body like the alien being in "The Thing".

The Blue seen in the last two episodes is not given a name but in the movie, it is called a Queen. It is born inside a giant Blue nest from a mass of glowing fluid surrounded by large crystals and is the most powerful of all the Blue. It is colored blue, has evolved to where it does not need a core thus making it more combat efficient than its predecessors, and has an almost invulnerable exoskeleton. Its appearance is more reptilian than insectoid, having a dinosaur-like head and a long muscular tail.

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