Balach Marri

Balach Marri
Nawabzada Balach Marri
Balach Marri
Born January 17th 1966
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Died November 21, 2007(2007-11-21) (aged 41)
Nationality British, Baloch
Other names

Sword Of Balochistan

Occupation Engineer
Known for Fighting for the liberty of his ancestral Balochistan

Balach Marri (Urdu: مير بالاچ مری)Balaach Marri was born on January 17, 1966. He was the fourth among six sons of Nawab Khair Bux Marri. He was named after the great 15th century Baloch hero Balaach Gorgej of Chaker-e-Azam era. He started his primary education at Quetta Grammar School. He was only six in 1972 when the National Awami Party government was removed forcibly at the instigation of the military. The entire area around Nawab Khair Bux Marri's house in Quetta was surrounded by military and Balaach witnessed his father being arrested by the army. The siege of the house continued for many months after the arrest. Nawab Khair Bux Marri was jailed for the next seven years for plotting to liberate Baluchistan and during this entire period, Balaach was able to see his father only a couple of times. Nawab Khair Bux was released in 1979 and went into self-exile in Afghanistan the following year with his family and thousands of Baloch people. Balaach continued and finished his secondary education in Afghanistan. Balaach excelled in his studies. He was a keen student who really loved his school and studies. During this period Balaach started to learn and understand politics. He attended study circles run by his father Nawab Khair Bux that included philosophy, history of Baloch people and Balochistan and about the possible options for political struggle and emancipation. The study circles and discussions also included the analysis of international situation. At that time a lot was happening in Afghanistan, attracting many liberal activists and intellectuals from the surrounding countries. The study circles and the interactions that Balaach attended during this period had a deep mark on his understanding of Baloch issues. He was also believed to be probably one of the closest to Nawab Khair Bux among his sons. Balaach interacted frequently with his father, whom he used to call Ada or "Elder Brother." After finishing his secondary education in Afghanistan, Balaach moved to Moscow to finish his higher education in communication engineering. Again, he proved to be an excellent student. Balaach was very effective in interacting with people from many different countries with revolutionary ideas and enthusiasm to bring a change. He continued to maintain many of those relations that he established during this period. Nawab Khair Bux Marri returned to Balochistan in 1992 and Balaach Marri returned in 1993 after completing his studies. He left Balochistan at the age of 14 as an adolescent and returned as a man of 27 years. In 2000, the entire family of Nawab Marri was implicated in the murder of Justice Marri. Nawab Khair Bux was imprisoned. Balach incidentally was at that time in London. After the arest of his father, family and friends and family advised him to stay in London. He immediately started work to raise awareness among the international community about the plight of the Baloch people. He worked tirelessly to inform international community about Baloch sufferings. He firmly believed in the combined struggle of Baloch and other oppressed nations. He was one of the founders and first secretary general of Sindhi Baloch Forum established in 2001. The purpose of this forum was to provide common platform to Baloch and Sindhi cause at the international stage. He participated in the 2002 elections in absentia and swept the polls. In early Nov. 2003, he went back to Balochistan. During the oath-taking ceremony he refused to take oath in Urdu and insisted on taking oath in Balochi language. He did not say the words that he shall be loyal to Pakistan, but instead he said he will be loyal to his motherland, Balochistan. Balaach was offered seats and to join PML-Q but he turned down all the offers. Soon he realised that the Pakistani agencies were after him and filing false cases against him, thus he moved to Kahan (his ancestral town) and never attended a session of the assembly again. He started working to develop the backbone of the current Baloch resistance. One of his greatest achievements is that he resolved long-term feuds between Marri and Bugti tribes and assisted Nawab Akbar Bugti to lead the Baloch national cause. This demonstrates his visionary and statesmanlike capabilities. He organised the Baloch struggle not on tribal but Baloch national lines. He raised the profile of the Baloch struggle to a new level within the international community and in Pakistan. The impact was so big that on many occasions coup leader and dictator General Pervez Mushraf explicitly said Balaach Marri has to be eliminated to keep Baluchistan under Pakistan's military thumb. Friends and political activists who were close to him described him as a perfectionist as he wanted to bring perfection in Baloch struggle.


Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Nawabzada Balach Marri

Nawab Bugti was killed an year ago before Nawabzada Balach Marri's Death

In 2000, the nationalists launched armed attacks to press for greater provincial autonomy. Pakistan's army replied with a massive military operation in the province four years later. Over the next two years, hundreds of people were killed in clashes between the rebels and security forces.Hundreds of thousands fled the area as fighting worsened. The insurgency came to a climax in August 2006 when army troops surrounded several Baloch rebel leaders.This included Mir Balaach Marri and veteran politician and former provincial governor Sardar Akbar Khan Bugti.While Nawabzada Mir Balach Marri managed to escape along with several of his comrades, Nawab Bugti was killed. The clash also claimed the lives of dozens of army officers.After that most rebels leaders are thought to have gone into exile in neighbouring Afghanistan.But they continued to conduct raids into the region. In recent days, these had increased.But observers say the uprising could now be in trouble with the rebels' operational leader dead.

War And Escape

Mir Balach Khan Marri is said to have been the military mastermind behind the Baloch rebels.Observers say the uprising will now be in trouble with the rebels' as the operational leader diedThe son of one of Balochistan's premier tribal chiefs, Nawab Khair Bux Marri, Mir Balach Marri was a committed nationalist.He resigned from the provincial parliament in 2003, complaining that Balochistan was still being deprived of its rights.The province is Pakistan's largest, and its richest in natural resources. It has some of the biggest proven reserves of natural gas in the world.There are also large deposits of gold, copper and other minerals.The rebels say most of these resources are appropriated by the federal government, while locals are denied employment in regional projects.All development indexes show Balochistan as the least developed of Pakistan's four provinces.


Mir Balach Marri is son of prominent politician Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri was killed by Pakistani forces, BBC Urdu service has reported . Gazain Marri brother of Balach Marri confirmed this news when called on his mobile . Though he could not tell this author exact location and details when contacted over his mobile phone in UAE . He said "I received a call from his close comrade last night at around 1:10 am , he said just one line " Balach has left us " . Then I understood what happened . They did not gave any information after that because of security reasons “ . When questioned about the details of incident he said "his comrades did not gave any details” .

Imdad Baloch, BSO leader - talking to over phone from Balochistan said the location of the encounter is Muski, however Gazain Marri said there are conflicting reports about exact location, "I do not want to speculate about this as I heard 3 different places " . Stating that he is in touch with his brother in London Mr.Mehran Baloch, family is grieving . “He made us proud and gave his life for the baloch cause “ said Gazain Marri . Currently body of Balach Marri is in possession of baloch fighters, said Gazain Marri .

Balach Marri told Al Aljazeera said: "In my opinion, the situation for the struggle of an independent Baluchistan is going ahead very well.People are depending upon their own strength and vision for an independent state."

ANI has confirmed this news.The man was killed in Iran or possibly Afghanistan,but not Pakistan.Pakistan had nothing to do with his death

According to official sources, Marri was supposedly a major moving force behind the Baloch Liberation Army, and was held responsible for a number of attacks on Sui Gas pipelines.

He was wanted by the Pakistani forces for a while now, and had been waging a war against the state in Balochistan, and more so after the death of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in August last year. (ANI)


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