An alchemist is a person who practices alchemy. Alchemist may also refer to:

People and groups

*The Alchemist (producer), a hip hop music producer
*Alchemist (band), an Australian progressive metal band
*Alchemist (company), a Japanese based company that develops video games
*Johann der Alchimist, Margrave of Brandenburg, 1440 to 1464

Books and stories

*"The Alchemist" (novel), the translated title of a 20th century allegorical novel by Paulo Coelho
*"The Alchemist" (novel), a novel by Donna Boyd
*"The Alchemist" (short story), a short story by H. P. Lovecraft
*"The Alchemist" (novelette), a science fiction novelette by Charles L. Harness
*"The Alchemists", a science fiction novel by Geary Gravel
*"Fullmetal Alchemist", the English title of a series of Japanese manga and anime created by Hiromu Arakawa
*"The Neutronium Alchemist", the second book in "The Night's Dawn Trilogy" by Peter F. Hamilton
*Element Lad, a comic superhero sometimes known by the codename "Alchemist"
*"", a fantasy novel by Michael Scott.

Other works of art

*"The Alchemist" (play), a 17th century play by Ben Jonson
*"The Alchemist" (album), the third album by Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft
*"The Alchemist" (Avatar album), the 1996 debut album of Romanian death metal band Avatar
*"The Alchemist" (Home album), the 1973 album released by Home, a British rock band
*"The Alchemist" (painting), a 17th century painting of an alchemical laboratory by David Teniers the Younger
*"The Alchemist" (Philip Pickett album), a solo album released in 1998 by Philip Pickett
*"Alchemist (song)" is a track sung by Russell Watson on the album Amore Musica
* The Alchemist is a song by Bruce Dickinson from the 1998 album, The Chemical Wedding.

Other uses

*"Alchemist (video game)", a 1983 ZX Spectrum game
*"The Alchemist (film)", a 1986 horror film
*"The Alchemist", a film scheduled for release in 2009
*The Alchemist, a recurring character on "The Venture Bros."
*Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! has a character called The Alchemist

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