Fu Sinian

Fu Sinian

Fù Sīnián (傅斯年, 1896—1950), was a famous Chinese educator and linguist, and one of the leaders of the May Fourth Movement in 1919. He was also one of the creators of the Academia Sinica, and was named director of the Institute of History and Philology upon its founding in 1928 [Xu Yahui (Hsu Ya-hwei) 許雅惠; Ancient Chinese Writing, Oracle Bone Inscriptions from the Ruins of Yin, 2002. Illustrated guide to the Special Exhibition of Oracle Bone Inscriptions from the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica. English translation by Mark Caltonhill and Jeff Moser. National Palace Museum, Taipei. Govt. Publ. No. 1009100250, p.8] . In 1933 he published his East Yi West Xia theory about the origin of prehistory culture in current China.


*Wang, Fan-shen. "Chwan Ssu-nien: A life in Chinese history and politics." New York: Cambridge University Press, 2000, ISBN 0-521-48051-5.

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