Florence (disambiguation)

Florence (disambiguation)

Florence is the capital city of the region of Tuscany, Italy.

Florence may also refer to:


In Canada:
* Sainte-Florence, Quebec

In France:
* Sainte-Florence, Gironde, a commune of the Gironde department
* Sainte-Florence, Vendée, a commune of the Vendée department

In the United States:
* Florence, Alabama
* Florence, Arizona
* Florence-Graham, California
* Florence, Colorado
* Florence, Illinois
* Florence, Indiana
* Florence, Kansas
* Florence, Kentucky
* Florence, Massachusetts
* Florence, Minnesota
* Florence, Mississippi
* Florence, Missouri
* Florence, Montana
* Florence, Nebraska
* Florence, New Jersey
* Florence, New York
* Florence, Oregon
* Florence, South Carolina
* Florence, South Dakota
* Florence, Texas
** the Florence meteorite of 1922, which fell in Texas, United States (see meteorite falls)
* Florence, Vermont
* Florence, Wisconsin


*"Florence (name)", a female given name (includes a list of people with this name)
* Florence (Little Britain), a character from the British radio and TV show "Little Britain"
*Florence, main character in the children's television programme The Magic Roundabout
*Florence (actor), stage name of a French 18th and 19th century actor


*Hurricane Florence, the name of several tropical cyclones
*ADX Florence, a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado USA
*SS Florence, a stern-wheel steamer converted into the gunboat USS Curlew (1862)
*Florence Airport, airports in places named Florence

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