List of Nip/Tuck characters

List of Nip/Tuck characters

This is a list of characters in the American television medical drama series Nip/Tuck. For full character details and histories, see the articles for each character.


Main characters

Character Actor Seasons Information
Sean McNamara Dylan Walsh 1–6 A plastic surgeon nearing middle age and trying to come to terms with his formerly 'perfect' life falling apart. Sean and Julia, who reconciled after a brief separation, have three children-Matt, Annie, and Connor, including one who's physically handicapped. Runs the McNamara/Troy plastic surgery practice with his best friend, Christian Troy, who has been revealed to be the biological father of Sean's son Matt. Fathers a third child, Connor, with Julia after their reconciliation. After Julia leaves him, Sean re-evaluates his life and sells his portion of the practice to Christian and Michelle Landau. The move to LA did not bring McNamara/Troy very much business since it was LA. Sean and Christian were offered medical consultants for the show "Hearts and Scalpels"; they also become actors on the show. Christian quit the show, leaving Sean with most of the attention and leaving Christian angry and saying the show is good for his ego. Sean brought in a lot more customers because of the move to the show. He meets Kate, a woman who stars on the show with Sean and they date for awhile until she mentions her fantasy would be having sex with an African American. Later on he gets seduced by Olivia's daughter Eden but Sean nearly has a heart attack having sex with her while on ecstasy them exploiting his relationship. After a taping of "Hearts and Scalpels" Sean meets an agent that would like to have Sean as a client. She then becomes obsessed with Sean and wants nobody to come in the way of their unreal friendship. Sean finds out that Colleen is not really a talent agent at all but instead an obsessed fan that just sells teddy bears she makes. Colleen becomes crazier and tries to commit suicide by slitting her wrists at Sean's apartment. Sean gets a restraining order against her but that does not keep her away. While Sean is working on his daughter after a car accident Colleen comes into the surgical room and stabs Sean numerous times leaving him to bleed out. Sean then has enough strength to stab and kill her. Sean is now wheelchair bound and cannot perform surgery. Sean pretends to be disabled because he's tired of working and this is found out by Julia then everyone else. Sean meets Teddy (a short replacement for Liz) and they begin to hit it off. She asks Sean to marry her, he says yes. She is a black widow that kills her husbands just to inherit money. Teddy suggests Sean and the kids go camping so she could kill them all in an accident like manner. After locking their camper and releasing its gas she runs off and is killed brutally by a serial killer. Later Sean tries to commit suicide by swimming out too far. He is then sent to the psychiatric ward. Sean later has a sexual friendship with Kimber that ends. Sean and Christian later bury another person that died on their watch and this almost ends McNamara/Troy's Partnership for good. Near the end of the series Sean quits McNamara/Troy to work solo.
Christian Troy Julian McMahon 1–6 An egotistical and womanizing plastic surgeon also approaching middle age, Christian serves as a foil to the more family-minded Sean McNamara, his best friend and business partner. He is the biological father of Matt McNamara with whom he has a tempestuous relationship. Kimber Henry is his on-again/off-again girlfriend. Christian's hope that selling ownership of the practice would lead to fewer stresses has proved to be unfounded. Begins a romantic relationship with a married Michelle Landau, which becomes an engagement following the death of her husband. Buys out Sean's part of the practice only to sell his own stake in the practice to Michelle when he decides to leave her.

Major characters

Character Actor Seasons Information
Julia McNamara Joely Richardson 1–6 Sean McNamara's wife of 18 years, mother to Matt McNamara, Annie McNamara, and Connor McNamara. Dropped out of medical school to raise her children, became extremely bitter about this, which lead to the tension that ultimately resulted in the end of her first marriage to Sean. They remarried a second time. Former co-owner of De La Mer, a day spa for surgery patients in recovery. Recently gave birth to a third child—her second with Sean—who suffers from ectrodactyly, "lobster claw syndrome." Julia leaves Sean after his revelations about the affair with Monica Wilder, as well as her own affair with Marlowe Sawyer and her resolution to raise Connor and Annie away from the turbulence of her old life.
Matt McNamara John Hensley 1–6 Sean and Julia's extremely troubled and amoral teenage son. His vast list of crimes include running over and disfiguring a classmate, assaulting a transsexual woman, and filing false child abuse reports with child welfare against his father, Sean. Later during Season 2, Matt finds out Christian is his biological father. He was also involved with a post-op transsexual woman, and fell in love with her before discovering that she was trans. During Seasons 4 and 5 he was in a quasi-romantic relationship with Kimber Henry, who was romantically involved with both Sean and Christian and who has introduced him to Scientology, which he has enthusiastically embraced. Since his conversion, and possibly partially because of his involvement with Kimber, he has cut Christian out of his life for the time being, labeling him as an "SP," or suppressive personality. He has since left the religion and Kimber. In Season 6, he briefly turned to armed robbery in order to support his life style, and he eventually was caught and did some time in the Florida state prison, but has since been released. He gets engaged to a young woman named Ramona but leaves her at the altar to be with Ava. He later tells Christian he and Ramona have reconciled but in truth, she wants nothing to do with him. He ends up leaving with Ava to raise his daughter in South America.
Liz Cruz Roma Maffia 1–6 Anesthesiologist for McNamara/Troy, and former general practitioner at De La Mer. Often the 'voice of reason' at McNamara/Troy, Liz is a 40-something-year-old lesbian and feminist who often serves as a sarcastic foil for Christian Troy, though she occasionally shows concern and even admiration for Christian. She seems to have a proclivity towards physical injury, once being shot in the leg by Escobar Gallardo, and, more recently, having one of her kidneys stolen by organ thieves after being seduced and drugged by an attractive young woman. She was also married to Christian for a short time.
Kimber Henry Kelly Carlson 1–6 Christian's on-again/off-again girlfriend whom he met in the pilot episode. A former model, pornographic actress, drug addict, and pornography producer, she is extremely narcissistic and self-conscious about her looks and has severe low self-esteem problems. Christian's general apathy towards Kimber's feelings—which was expressed most notably in Season 1, when he attempted to "trade" Kimber to a rival plastic surgeon who was in love with her in exchange for the rival's new sports car—has contributed to her poor self-image. She was a victim of the Carver, a crazed plastic surgeon, and former partner at McNamara/Troy. She also had a brief sexual relationship with Sean McNamara when he was split up with Julia. In Season 4, she is an enthusiastic Scientologist who helps Matt deal with his problems through counseling. She seduced and married Matt as revenge against Christian, became pregnant with Matt's child, and eventually leaves him for Ram Peters, a former boss of hers from when she was an adult film actress. After her relationship with Ram falls apart, Kimber gets involved with plastic surgeon Mike Hamoui, before leaving him to marry Christian. Their marriage quickly crumbles due to infidelity on both their parts, Kimber engaging in an affair with Sean. In Season 6, after Christian ends their marriage following the sudden realization of his treatment of her, Kimber is driven to suicide, jumping from the bow of Mike's boat to her death. (deceased)
Gina Russo Jessalyn Gilsig 1–5 An extremely troubled, angry, bitter, HIV-positive sex addict in her mid-30's who has a very adversarial and volatile relationship with Christian Troy, who she refers to as "asshole" as opposed to using his actual name. She is also the mother of Christian's "son" Wilber, aka Gabriel. Became the full owner of De La Mer surgical recovery spa when Julia sold her share of the business to help raise her new son. In the fifth season, she is hired as the new receptionist at McNamara/Troy. Gina was killed after falling from the roof of an apartment building while trying to seduce Christian during this same season. (deceased)
Quentin Costa Bruno Campos 2–3 An openly bisexual plastic surgeon originally from Atlanta, who flew down to Miami to perform surgery on Sean McNamara after being attacked by the Carver.. Briefly a limited partner at McNamara/Troy and dated Julia McNamara when she and Sean were going through their divorce. Quentin was revealed to be the Carver at the end of season 3.
Grace Santiago Valerie Cruz 1 Staff psychologist at McNamara/Troy

Primary antagonists (Villians)

Character Actor Seasons Information
Escobar Gallardo Robert LaSardo 1, 2, 4, 6 A ruthless, violent, and somewhat Scarface-esque drug lord from South America who the doctors become entangled with during season one. Has a thing for 1980s music and ultimately blackmailed Sean and Christian into giving him a new face so he could leave the drug business behind and start over again. Instead, Sean and Christian gave him the face of another wanted criminal and he was arrested at the airport while attempting to flee the country. Appeared briefly in a dream in the Season 2 finale, encouraging Sean to kill the Carver. He also appeared in Season 4 as a hallucination of Sean's, encouraging him to repeat his sexual exploits with a young babysitter. Apparently has taken on the symbolic role of Sean's inner voice for aggressive behavior. Later, Escobar convinces Christian and Sean to restore his original face. He then breaks out of security while in the clinic, and kills his accomplice to remove a threat to Sean and Christian. It is revealed later in the season that James LeBeau has been working for him. In the fourth season finale, he is killed by his greedy and long-abused wife, Gala Gallardo, so she could take over his drug dealing business all for herself. (deceased)
Ava Moore Famke Janssen 2, 3, 6 A life coach who routinely manipulates and uses her clients for her own twisted amusement. Hired by Sean to fix his marriage to Julia, only to seduce their son Matt and reveal Christian as Matt's biological father (a result of Julia's one night stand with Christian while she was engaged to Sean and still attending medical school). At the end of season two, Ava was revealed to be transsexual. She had left her husband/doctor before undergoing genital surgery; Ava was able to barter with Sean and Christian to perform one last surgery to complete her medical transition in exchange for her ending her relationship with Matt. Stepmother to Adrian Moore and was married to Dr. Barrett Moore. Also known as Avery Tanner. Fled to Paris, France to avoid being implicated in her adopted son's murder. Appeared for a surprise visit in the final two episodes when she came back to Mcnamara/Troy after a long hiatus, having a little deformed baby boy with her that she adopted when she was in Paris. She needs Dr.Troy & Dr. McNamara to do an immediate cosmetic surgery on her newly adopted baby because he was not perfect, all this made the past begin to reform. Sean and Christian refused to do the surgery. Ava, frustrated with their decision, decided to ask how Matt has been. Sean tells Ava he's fine and is getting married, seeing Matt's Wedding Invitation on the table as she leaves McNamara/Troy, Ava takes the invitation so she could make a surprising visit to Matt and his fiancee. Ava surprises Matt at a clothing store after following him, Matt being very ecstatic and suspicious to see her there wondering why she came back and telling her he thinks about her all the time but he's getting married to someone he loves. Ava notices Jenna and immediately becomes wide eyed saying she is the most perfect and most beautiful girl she has ever seen. Later on, Sean says he will do the surgery for Ava's baby, amazed with excitement Ava thanks Sean. Once the surgery is done, Ava says she does not want the baby when she learns some of his scars will remain permanently, making him an outcast just as Ava used to be. In the final episode, we see Matt, Jenna, and Ava headed on a plane together to start a new life together.
The Carver Bruno Campos 2–3 A mysterious psychopath, masked serial rapist/killer known as The Carver, who disfigures his victims by cutting a deep slash on either side of their mouths, resembling a smile. Sean McNamara, Christian Troy, Kit McGraw, Kimber Henry and Quentin Costa were the principal characters who fell victim to the Carver attacks. The identity of the Carver was revealed during the Season 3 finale. Currently living somewhere in Europe under a new identity.
James LeBeau Jacqueline Bisset 4 A ruthless businesswoman and extortionist who knows Michelle Landau; the trophy wife of Sean and Christian's new boss. She apparently seems to have some kind of sexual relationship with her. Michelle Landau worked under her as an escort to pay her way through medical school. James is also the mastermind of an organ theft ring that targeted Liz, and she uses Michelle as a decoy for this purpose. It is revealed that James herself has a boss: Escobar Gallardo. James later kills herself in front of Michelle, rather than turn Wilber's kidneys over to Escobar. (deceased)
Eden Lord AnnaLynne McCord 5 An 18-year old high school student who is the daughter of Julia's girlfriend, Olivia Lord. When she is first introduced, she tries to seduce Sean McNamara. She's revealed to be a brutal sociopath who uses her charms to get what she wants. Attempted to poison Julia with liquid mercury, and attempted to murder her as well. Like most of the series amoral characters, she gets away time and time again with her crimes. Dropped out of school to enter the adult film business and is currently living with Kimber's former beau Ram Peters.
Colleen Rose Sharon Gless 5 A hyper-tempered, psychopath talent agent working with Sean due to his role in Hearts & Scalpels. The legitimacy of her practice is brought into question by her lack of familiarity with CAA and her false claims of representing various actors. When a CAA agent meets her at her apartment and sees through her scam, she murders him by filling him with cotton and turning his features into a teddy bear. It's revealed that she runs a teddy bear kiosk at a mall and is confirmed to be an unlicensed agent. When Sean discovers the truth and fires her, she shows up at his apartment with her wrists slit. Later, after being rejected again, she leaves the body of the agent in Sean's apartment. Later, in disguise, she sneaks into the practice and stabs Sean in the back while he is operating on Annie, only to get stabbed and killed by Sean despite being gravely wounded. Every time Colleen Rose appears on camera, the sinster theme music from the movie The Exorcist can be heard in the background. Tim Stack describes her as an "obsessed teddy-bear enthusiast." [1] (deceased)
Dr. Theodora 'Teddy' Rowe Katee Sackhoff (Season 5) Rose McGowan (Season 6) 5–6 A new anesthesiologist hired by Sean and Christian at their new L.A. practice. Romantically involved with Sean, she soon convinces him to marry her in the season 6 premiere. Although Sean has no idea that Teddy is in fact a "Black Widow," (a female serial killer who marries men and later kills them) and was living a double life. As revealed in the Season 5 finale, Teddy was going by the alias "Dixie" in a small Las Vegas plastic surgery firm. She married the owner, Harlan, but soon killed him—presumably for his money. Teddy then focused on Sean and proving to stop at nothing to get at his health insurance money. During a camping trip with Sean, Annie and Connor, Teddy tries to kill all of them by drugging them with sleeping pills and flooding the camper with carbon monoxide. However, Annie wakes up (having not eaten the drugged smores) and manages to wake her father up who manages to break the door down and get them out. Teddy walked off and encountered a nearby camper who turned out to be another serial killer (a man who kills women). Teddy was attacked by him and runs back to Sean to find the trailer empty and her attacker behind her. Sean is later called by the police, who find a human heart in the forest nearby who's DNA matches blood from Teddy's hair. The attacker is later pulled over for a routine traffic violation and is arrested when he is found with bloodied hands... and Teddy's severed head in his car trunk. Sean later learns that Teddy intentionally tried to kill him and his children, and had preyed on and murdered four other doctors in the past as well. Before attempting to commit suicide, Sean dumps Teddy's ashes into a trash can and throws his wedding ring in after it. (deceased)

Other characters

Character Actor Seasons Information
Nurse Linda Linda Klein 1–6 Nurse at McNamara/Troy. Moved to L.A. with them.
Annie McNamara Kelsey Lynn Batelaan 1–6 Julia and Sean's daughter. Cuts her dolls hand to make it look like connor's. Had cosmetic surgery because of a car accident. Had a rare mental condition where she ate chunks of her own hair and had to get surgery to remove them.
Vanessa Kate Mara 1 Matt's cheerleader girlfriend in the first season. He initially wants to become circumcised for her, but it is soon discovered that she is an in-the-closet lesbian. She coerces Matt into having a threesome with her and her lover Ridley.
Bliss Berger Leslie Grossman 1, 5 A client and former obese woman who first appeared in the first season to have a waddle of excess skin on her arms removed. She now works at Fiona McNeil's publicist agency in Los Angeles, thanks to Christian's help, and offered them to do a reality show which was a failure.
Dr. Merrill Bobolit Joey Slotnick 1–2, 4 Former classmate and competitor of Sean and Christian. Bottom of his class in med school, shady, and jealous of Christian and Sean. Once tried to cut off his face in order to attach Troy's handsome features to himself. Became Escobar Gallardo's "prison wife" while incarcerated. Attempted to kill the once drug lord while on the operating table.
Suzanne Epstein Nancy Cassaro 1–2 Julia's self-absorbed friend. Her daughter is Annie McNamara's friend.
Mrs. Hedda Grubman Ruth Williamson 1–2, 4 A wealthy client of McNamara/Troy with a plastic surgery addiction. She is extremely clever and manipulative and uses that to her advantage to get whatever she wants. Mrs. Grubman also appeared in Season 4 where she died of complications brought on by lung cancer. (deceased)
Sophia Lopez Jonathan Del Arco 1 A male-to-female transsexual who developed a romantic relationship with Liz. Is absent in second season but is mentioned.
Jude Sawyer Phillip Rhys 1–3 A college student who befriended Julia when she went back to school as an undergrad. He is deceptive, selfish, and cheats to get ahead in school. He briefly worked as an intern at McNamara/Troy. Appears earlier in the series speaking with a British Accent, but later confessed to have faked it to impress women.
Megan O'Hara Julie Warner 1–2, 4 A woman who had cancer and a mastectomy and came to McNamara/Troy for breast reconstruction. Had a brief affair with Sean. Eventually committed suicide when her cancer came back. Appears in tandem with Escobar when Sean is faced with the choice of whether to continue his affair with a young babysitter, encouraging Sean to restrain himself. Apparently has taken on the symbolic role of Sean's inner voice for compassionate behavior. (deceased)
Henry Shapiro Andrew Leeds 1–2 Matt's equally troubled and evil friend from high school. Ended up in jail after raping a girl he had developed an obsession on after he had a hit-and-run on her.
Wilber Troy Joshua & Josiah Henry 2, 4–6 Adopted son of Christian Troy, biological son of Gina Russo.
Erica Noughton Vanessa Redgrave 2, 3, 6 Julia's crafty and controlling mother and a practicing doctor of clinical psychology in New York City. Believes Julia has wasted her potential by choosing not to becoming a medical doctor, instead spending her time at home as the primary caretaker. In Season 6, she tried to get custody of Annie and Connor because she thought Sean and Julia could not handle it and were not worthy of being parents (which is more than a little true). Found out her new young boyfriend/boy-toy was a phedophile by him spending so much time with Annie and having a pair of her underwear in his possession. Erica later says Julia and Sean can have custody and that she is never coming back again, during that time Julia decides to make her ungrateful and troublesome mother go away for good when she maliciously plants a kilogram of cocaine into Erica's bag. On her way to get searched before going on the plane, the airport security finds the cocaine and Erica is arrested and sent to prison for drug smuggling.
Adrian Moore Seth Gabel 2 The teenage sociopath adopted son of Ava Moore and biological son of Dr. Barrett Moore. He was briefly involved with his stepmother. Committed suicide. (deceased)
Natasha Charles Rebecca Gayheart 2, 4 A blind patient who had a brief relationship with Christian. Returns as a fantasy to haunt Christian in Season 4.
James Sutherland Georg Stanford Brown 2 The elderly biological father of Wilber, the baby Christian thought he had with Gina. (deceased)
Kit McGraw Rhona Mitra 3 A British detective brought in to solve The Carver case. It was later found out that she was the sister of The Carver/Quentin Costa and helped him escape the country.
Ariel Alderman Brittany Snow 3 A racist and bigot teenage girl from Matt's high school. Was brought up a racist by her equally bigoted and racist parents. She was briefly and romantically involved with Matt.
Cherry Peck Willam Belli 3 A transsexual who Matt attacks after finding out she is pre-op. Matt later befriends Cherry and saves her life in the third season finale when Ariel's bigoted and homophobic father attempts to kill her.
Abby Mays Rebecca Metz 3–4 A patient of Christian's. Undergoes liposuction and then meets Christian for a date, where she consents to having sex with him while wearing a bag on her head. Later tells Christian she's a masochist and wants to do it again, he agrees. Returns as a fantasy to haunt Christian in Season 4.
Burt Landau Larry Hagman 4 A wealthy venture capitalist who purchases McNamara/Troy with his much younger wife Michelle. Suffering from prostate cancer, he can no longer satisfy her, and following the discovery of Michelle's affair with Christian, requests that he watch them sleeping together. He is left to die by his wife so she and James LeBeau can harvest his organs for James' organ smuggling ring. (deceased)
Michelle Landau Sanaa Lathan 4 An attractive thirty-something woman married to the wealthy and much older Burt Landau. They purchase McNamara/Troy, and she and Christian start an affair. Following Burt's death, they become engaged and plans are made for Michelle to adopt Christian's son Wilber. However, when secrets from Michelle's past are revealed (she paid for her medical tuition by working as a prostitute and kidney thief) and both Wilber and Christian's lives are put in danger, they end their engagement. Eventually, she buys out both Sean and Christian, ending the Miami-based practice of both surgeons which makes them move to California while Michelle remains in Miami.
Dr. Faith Wolper Brooke Shields 4 Christian's former psychiatrist. She suggests that Christian is in love with Sean. Desperate to prove his heterosexuality, Christian has sex with her on her desk. Faith has an addictive personality, and requests removal surgery on a tattoo displaying the name of a former lover. Following its removal, she gets Christian's name tattooed in its place. Later, Sean and Christian confront her over her beliefs about their relationship, and Christian breaks up with her after deciding that he no longer needs her services.
Monica Wilder Jennifer Hall 4 An unstable young woman who applies for the nanny position for Conor McNamara. She and Sean had a brief affair, until she revealed her true insanity and possessiveness. She tried to blackmail Sean into returning his affection, threatening to inform Julia of the affair. Before being able to tell, she is hit by a bus and killed instantly. (deceased)
Marlowe Sawyer Peter Dinklage 4 A former nanny for Conor McNamara. He has dwarfism and is opposed to performing surgery on Conor, and as such is frequently at odds with Sean. He and Julia find a kindred bond, and they begin a brief affair. Asked Sean to give him leg enchancment surgey so he could be tall enough for Julia. Left during a hurricane in Miami to have a nice long vacation in Italy.
Dr. Mike Hamoui Mario López 4, 6 A surgeon whom Christian is jealous of because of his good physical shape. He performs liposuction on Christian and they become friends. He later buys Christian's apartment when he moves out and reveals that he admires him for his countless conquests. Joined McNamara/Troy in LA in order to boost profits. Dressed up in Lingere for Kimber under Christians tense that she liked it. Was Engaged to Kimber for a while.
Dawn Budge Rosie O'Donnell 4–5 A white trash woman who lived in a trailer until she won millions of dollars in a state-wide lottery. Requests plastic surgery for herself and her family, and pays Christian for sex. She bonds with Liz, and donates a kidney to her. Returns to McNamara/Troy after being attacked by an eagle while hang-gliding, and briefly dates the closeted executive producer Freddy Prune. Requests additional surgery when a motorbike is driven into her face at a gay and lesbian pride parade.
Poppy Alanis Morissette 4 Liz's former girlfriend. A fitness addict, she was dumped by Liz after trying to change her body image through plastic surgery.
Fiona McNeil Lauren Hutton 5 A powerful Hollywood Publicist and Sean and Christian's agent. She encourages one of her top female clients to have plastic surgery to help her career, and later hires her assistant Bliss Berger to help Sean and Christian in business deals.
Olivia Lord Portia de Rossi 5 An expert in Eastern medicine and Julia's one-time lesbian lover. Mother to Eden Lord. Died during a facelift Sean was performing only to find out later she was taking antidepressants in which killed her during the surgery. (deceased)
Freddy Prune Oliver Platt 5 The creator of the television drama "Hearts 'n Scalpels." He briefly dated Dawn Budge, until anal stimulation from a notorious sex predator forced him out of the closet.
Aidan Stone Bradley Cooper 5 Lead actor on the television drama "Hearts 'n Scalpels." He is quite immature and often has sex with young teenage girls. He also advises Sean on how to stay young without plastic surgery by living a carefree life of recreational drugs and sex. Fired from the series and ordered into rehab after a sex tape is leaked featuring him and Eden Lord (who made and deliberately leaked the tape for her own deranged enjoyment), which also featured him using anti-Semitic remarks. Later breaks his neck end ends up a quadrapalegic in an attempt to commit self-fellatio.
Kate Tinsley Paula Marshall 5 Lead actress on the television drama "Hearts 'n Scalpels". Briefly dated Sean, until he dumped her for not being able to cope with her sexual fantasies about black men. Kate suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, stemming from jibes about her weight throughout her career.
Ram Peters John Schneider 5 A legendary porn entrepreneur. Formerly Kimber's boss, he reluctantly allows her to return to the business. He is briefly seen to be married to a porn star named Busty. Later, he and Kimber start an affair and marry, with Ram legally adopting Kimber's daughter Jenna. He is won over by the seductive charms of Eden Lord and invites her to move into their house... and into their marriage bed.
Dr. Raj Paresh Adhir Kalyan 5 One of Sean's students where he currently teaches, an extremely gifted surgeon with a degree in Medicine from Harvard. Raj's spirit slowly crumbles after he is visited by his father, an esteemed cardiothoracic surgeon living in India. Realizing he can no longer go through life disappointing his demanding father, Raj provokes Matt into crushing his hand in a car door, ending his chances of a successful surgical career.
Ramona Perez Melonie Diaz 6 Matt's fiance, who appears in the final three episodes of the series. He ultimately abandons her on their wedding day and leaves town with Ava Moore. Later, in a brief flashback, he attempts to reconcile with her, but to no avail as she spits in his face for making her look like a fool.


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