Estonia at the 1932 Summer Olympics

Estonia at the 1932 Summer Olympics

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Estonia competed at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. Estonia in unofficial point rank : 29. - 31. place with 4 points.

The 1932 Estonian Olympic Team

Estonia did not send a full team to those games. Estonian Olympic Committee figured it was too expensive, but Estonia had two athletes and three representatives there, who paid their own expenses. Only wrestler Osvald Käpp got 300 dollars for expenses from Estonian Olympic Committee.; Representatives Estonian National Olympic representative was professor Ants Piip. Estonian attaché was an electrical engineer Charles Kodil.; Other delegationsEstonians in other delegations were Kalevi Kotkas for flagIOCteam|FIN|1932 Summer in athletics, August Lootus reserve for flagIOCteam|USA|1932 Summer in sailing, 1924 Summer Olympics bronze medalist Aleksander Klumberg-Kolmpere, who was athletics coach for flagIOCteam|POL|1932 Summer and Valter Palm was boxing coach for Finnish olympic team.

Results by event


Men's marathon
* Alfred Maasik - (→ dnf)

Men's 50 km walk
* Alfred Maasik - 6:19.00,0 (→ 10. place)


Men's freestyle lightweight ( -66,0 kg)
* Osvald Käpp :* First round – lost to Charles Pacôme flagIOCteam|FRA|1932 Summer with points.:* Second round – lost to Károly Kárpáti flagIOCteam|HUN|1932 Summer with points. (→ did not advance, 6. place)

Men's Greco-Roman welterweight ( -72 kg)
* Osvald Käpp :* First round – defeated Ercole Gallegati flagIOCteam|ITA|1932 Summer with points.:* Second round – defeated Børge Jensen flagIOCteam|DEN|1932 Summer with points.:* Third round – lost to Ivar Johansson flagIOCteam|SWE|1932 Summer by fall. (→ did not advance, 4. place)


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