Pomare II

Pomare II

Pōmare II, King of Tahiti (1782 - December 7 1821), fully Tu Tunuieaiteatua Pomare II or in modern orthography Tū Tū-nui-okinaēokinaa-i-te-atua Pōmare II (historically misspelled as Tu Tunuiea'aite-a-tua), was the second king of Tahiti between 1782 and 1821. He was installed by his father Pōmare I at Tarahoi, 13 February 1791. He ruled under regency from 1782 to 1803.

Initially recognised as supreme sovereign and Ariokinai-maro-okinaura by the ruler of Huahine, he was subsequently forced to take refuge in Mookinaorea 22 December 1808, but returned and defeated his enemies at the Battle of Te Feipī, 15 November 1815. He was thereafter recognised as undisputed king (Te Ariokinai-nui-o-Tahiti) of Tahiti, Mookinaorea and its dependencies.

Pōmare II was married first before March 1797 (betrothed January 1792) to Queen Tetua-nui Taro-vahine Ariokinai of Vaiari (now Papeari), who died at okinaArue, 21 July 1806.

He was baptised 16 May 1819 at the Royal Chapel, Papeokinaete - Christianity and the support of English missionaries aided the centralisation of monarchic power.

Pomare II died of drink-related causes at Motu Uta, Mookinaorea, 7 December 1821.

He was succeeded by Teriokinai-ta-ria Pōmare III, who reigned 1821-1827.

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