Hip hop (disambiguation)

Hip hop (disambiguation)

Hip hop is a music genre and cultural movement developed in New York during the 1970s.
*Hip hop, a term
*Hip hop music, a style of music
*Hip hop culture, a subculture that evolved to encompass hip hop music and a group of related activities
*Hip hop dance, styles of dance associated with hip hop music and the culture
*Hip hop fashion, styles of clothing associated with hip hop music and the culture
*Hip hop production, the creation of hip hop music

*"Hip Hop", a song by LL Cool J from his 1995 album "Mr. Smith"
*"Hip Hop", a song by Mos Def from his 1999 album "Black on Both Sides"
*"Hip-Hop", a song by Dead Prez from their 2000 album "Let's Get Free"
*"Hip Hop", a song by Royce Da 5'9" from his 2004 album "Death Is Certain"
*"Hip Hop", a song by Large Professor from his 2002 album "1st Class"
*"Hip Hop", a song by Joell Ortiz from his 2007 album "The Brick (Bodega Chronicles)"
*"Hip Hop", a song by Bizarre featuring Eminem from his 2005 album "Hannicap Circus".

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