Prior of Strath Fillan

Prior of Strath Fillan

The Prior of Strath Fillan was the head of the Augustinian monastic community of Strathfillan Priory, Strath Fillan in Argyll (now in the Stirling council area). The priors are badly documented and few are known.

List of office holders

List of known priors

* John de Mortimer, x 1414
* Celestine (Cellach) "MacLaureus", 1414-1428
* Robert Beaton, 1428-1430
* John Murray, fl. 1498
* John Gray, fl. 1543
* Hugh Curry, 1547-1551
* John Paterson, 1551

List of known commendators

* Thomas Malvil, 1556
* Patrick Murray, 1556
* John MacCorcadill, 1569-1583 x 1584
* Donald McVicar/MacPherson, 1583-1585 x 1607

ee also

* Strath Fillan Priory


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