Wireless Cities Summit

Wireless Cities Summit

"Wireless Cities Summit" is an international forum held in Toronto, organized by network of organizations such us Eurocities (Brussels), Municipal World (Ontario, Canada) Strategy Institute (Toronto), Muniwireless (New York), IT Business Group (Canada), Information Technology Association of Canada, Intelligent Community Forum.

The Wireless Cities Summit is a network platform created to learn from those who have experienced first hand the triumphs and trials of municipal wireless projects in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe.

The summit covers a large number of topics ranging from tactics for building, managing and enhancing city-wide network infrastructure to sessions on specific applications for the network that enable you to maximize the value of the network. Participants will be provided with examples of how the network and the applications together can boost city’s economy and revenues, improve efficiency, cut communication costs and maximize public safety.

Wireless Cities Summit Paper

In October 2006, Eurocities, the network of major European cities, published a report on the socio-economic benefits of investing in municipal and university wireless networks. This paper, released by the Strategy Institute in Toronto, presents and discusses:

- the socio-economical benefits of investing in IT technology and wireless networks by the central and municipal governments;- the most successful and innovative international case studies; - guidance for the local authorities on how to embark on the advantages of IT and transform the local economy; - theoretical analysis on the internet’s impact on democratic processes;- dialogue between universities, institutional think-tanks and the governments to invest in the development of municipal wireless networks.

Erika Hauschild, Senior Research Officer, says "This exclusive event summarizes two years of in depth research facilitated by Michal Steckiw, project's author and developer. It contributes to the transformation of world class digital metropolis into truly vibrant 21st century economies by driving idea generation, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of global best practices in the municipal wireless arena."

The report covers a large number of topics ranging from tactics for building, managing and enhancing city-wide network infrastructure to sessions on specific applications for the network that enable you to maximize the value of the network.

The 2007 Wireless Cities Summit in Toronto was attended by over 300 delegates from Canada, US, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, China, British Virgin Islands, United Arab Emirates, Izrael , Ireland and Spain. The opening speeches were delivered by Peter Rogers, Chief Executive, WESTMINSTER CITY COUNCIL (LONDON, UK), Michal Steckiw, Project Founder and Manager (Strategy Institute), Dr. Giuseppe Paruolo, Deputy Mayor and Bologna City Manager for Communication and ICT, BOLOGNA (Italy), Sharyn Gravelle, Vice-President, Wireless, TORONTO HYDRO TELECOM, and Terry Whitehead, Chair of Wireless Committee, CITY OF HAMILTON (Canada). The city of Vancouver was chosen to host the next international wireless cities summit. Peter Ladner, city councillor is leading the municipal effort to build city-wide free WiFi network before 2012 Winter Olympics.

The international summit has been featured in several media around the world including: Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, IT Business, Municipal World, CTV, Eurocities, Montreal Gazette and Times.Media links:
* [http://www.thestar.com/Business/article/174667 Toronto Star]
* [http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/home/News.asp?id=41946 IT Business ]
* [http://www.itworldcanada.com/Pages/Docbase/ViewArticle.aspx?id=idgml-4f9ac4d0-9419-4af9&Portal=35a9256c-ab94-47e6-8f20-9717c5403f85&sub=1513009 IT World]
* [http://www.strategyinstitute.com/012307_wireless_cities/dsp_wireless_cities.php Strategy Institute]

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