Coronel Pringles Partido

Coronel Pringles Partido

Coronel Pringles

location of Coronel Pringles Partido in Buenos Aires Province
Official name Partido de Coronel Pringles
Capital Coronel Pringles
Buenos Aires
July 5, 1882
Provincial law 1497
 - Total 23,794 (Census INDEC 2001)
 - Density 4.54 Inhabitants/km²
 - Population change +3.88% (1991-2001)
Demonym pringlense
Telephone code 02922
Post Code B7530
 - Coordinates 38°00′S 61°01′W / 38°S 61.017°W / -38; -61.017
Area 5,257 km2 (2,030 sq mi)
 - to Buenos Aires  597 km2 (231 sq mi)
 - to La Plata  520 km2 (201 sq mi)
Patron Saint   ?
Mayor  Omar Berruet UCR
Web Site
IFAM Statistics  IFAM

The partido of Coronel Pringles is a subdivision of the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Located in the southern part of the province, it was founded on 10 July 1882 by the provincial government when they divided the territory of Tres Arroyos into the partidos of Coronel Suárez, Tres Arroyos and Coronel Pringles.

The partido has a population of 23,794 (Census INDEC 2001) in an area of 5,257 km2 (2,030 sq mi), and its capital city is Coronel Pringles, which is located 597 km2 (231 sq mi) from Buenos Aires.


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